CCB Beijing, August 12 (Reporter Song Xue) Is camping an adult game?

Is camping a micro-vacation on the go?

It seems difficult to define camping in a simple sentence or two, but there is no doubt that camping has become one of the most popular leisure travel methods nowadays. More and more outdoor leisure enthusiasts choose to camp and relax with family and friends.

The popularity of camping is inseparable from the boost of social media

  According to Sun Weijia, the manager of the symbiosis camp, camping is not just emerging, it was only relatively small before.

Speaking of the reasons why camping is so popular this year, Sun Weijia said that in the past year or two, affected by the epidemic, people have turned their travel plans to short-distance outings. In addition, the popularity of camping is also related to the group of international students.

"Many international students have brought their outdoor lifestyles to China after returning to China, which has led to changes in domestic campsites." Now that friends gather together, taking photos and sharing is an important part. According to Sun Weijia, the boosting effect of social media cannot be underestimated.

"To a certain extent, Xiaohongshu and camping complement each other, Xiaohongshu has become an important platform for users to share their camping experience, and the number of beautiful photos related to camping on Xiaohongshu is very large, allowing more people to visit. I have a yearning for camping."

  The "2022 Camping Quality Research Report" released by Mafengwo shows that 74% of camping enthusiasts come from first-tier and new first-tier cities. Among them, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are the top four sources of camping tourists, and their contribution to the total number of camping tourists exceeds more than Thirty percent.

According to Sun Weijia, around 2021, the number of campsites in Beijing will increase from more than 20 at the beginning to more than 120.

According to industry analysts, there are now 200-300 large and small campsites in Beijing.

Portrait of the camping group: the majority of the experiential punch-in crowd

  What kind of people are keen on camping?

Sun Weijia believes that the main customer groups for camping are actually experiential people.

These groups of people are more mobile, and taking pictures and punching in are their main purposes.

The second largest category is the population of families and small groups.

The third category is to equip the party crowd.

Most of these people are freelancers. They have relatively good financial ability, ample time, and certain aesthetic pursuits.

The fourth category is outdoor enthusiasts who pursue nature and love nature.

In addition, there are a small number of people with high mental stress, hoping to release the pressure in life and work through camping.

  Xia Xue, an outdoor enthusiast, is a senior player who is keen on camping. He introduced to reporters that an important reason for liking camping is that he finds that he can do more while camping than at work, which fully reflects his self-worth.

On weekdays, he will choose to go camping in a place with beautiful scenery, so that the first scenery he sees in the morning will surpass most hotels and scenic spots, which is one of the charms of camping.

And camping with family and friends to enhance the relationship also makes Xia Xue feel valuable: "Friends camping together will make each other more intimate, because they need to communicate with each other, help each other, and communicate with each other from material reserves to life skills. process. Also, people who are serious at work and who are not moody, can be lively and talkative while camping.”

A mature campground operation model should be "camping + N"

  iiMedia Research released the "2021-2022 China Camping Economy Industry Status and Consumer Behavior Data Research Report", showing that the current camping development presents a variety of "camping +" models, such as "camp + scenic spots" model, "camp + pastoral" model , "Camp + Research" mode, "Camp + Sports" mode, "Camp + Paradise" mode, etc. It is expected that camping camps will continue to develop towards diversification and innovation in the future.

  This year, many travel agencies choose to enter the camping program.

Camping products, as an emerging travel experience product, require travel agencies to be more professional and comprehensive.

CYTS officially released the camping brand "Aoyou Camper", announcing its entry into the exquisite camping market.

Zhongxin Travel has launched local camping products in Beijing and camping products in other cities.

The relevant person in charge of Zhongxin Tourism introduced to the reporter that at present, the local camping products in Beijing are attracting more attention. The one-stop family sharing Youwode nature education theme farm created by Zhongxin Tourism has opened at the end of July. The park integrates tourism and education. , camping, leisure and entertainment in one.

The person in charge said that the audience of camping products is relatively wide, and parent-child families and young people are all the fans of camping products.

However, due to the high requirements for equipment in camping, more and more tourists tend to prefer mature camping products. Because of its relatively complete supporting facilities and professional staff to provide support, people can enjoy peace of mind, effort and time. Happy camping.

  In Sun Weijia's view, a mature campground operation model should be "camping + N".

Campsites are outdoor living complexes, which are inherently diverse and contain a lot of content, and travel agencies and campsites should have a mutually empowering relationship.

Regarding the development of the camping market in the future, Sun Weijia said: "The entry of travel agencies will promote the formalized development of the camping market and accelerate the demise of informal camping sites. I hope relevant departments can speed up the introduction of relevant industry norms."

  The relevant person in charge of Zhongxin Tourism believes that currently camping products have a very broad space for development in my country.

Camps with beautiful environment, special landforms and perfect facilities will receive more and more attention.

In order to develop a temporary campground, it will test the overall execution ability of organizers and planners.

How much do you know about camping?

  For tourists who want to try camping, Sun Weijia recommends choosing one-day camping first and going to a regular, paid campground because the guarantees provided there are relatively complete.

For experienced tourists, you can consider renting tents or buying tents yourself for a two-day and one-night camping experience, but considering hygiene factors, try to avoid renting a sleeping bag when choosing a sleeping bag.

It is worth noting that during the flood season this year, Beijing has a lot of rainfall overall, and there are too many days of heavy rain. You should avoid traveling in bad weather.

Wear long-sleeved clothes no matter how hot the weather is, not only to keep mosquitoes away, but also to keep you warm.

In addition, food is an important part of the camping experience, and tourists should bring their own ingredients as much as possible to avoid poisoning due to unclean food.

  As a senior player, Xia Xue suggested that tourists go camping in a relatively safe place that can be reached by vehicles.

Novices can choose to start in spring and autumn, and try to avoid the rainy season.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to fire safety when camping.

In addition to conventional tents, sleeping bags, and stoves, knives, ropes, flashlights, and changing clothes are also essential for camping.