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Shortly after the torrent of sexual abuse allegations against Kevin Spacey broke, social media picked up a Family Guy joke


, um, that, aired a few years earlier.

It was

as funny as it was sinister

and it proved, once again, that animated series are allowed things that others are not.

When Family Guy was released




had already been 10 years old and

South Park


The latter celebrates in 2022 no less than its 25th anniversary.

The series that has undoubtedly been defined more than once as "like

The Simpsons

but to the beast", the series that leaves no puppet with a head, has been between us for five decades.

The series that has soured the day of celebrities of all kinds


Hardly anyone has gotten away with a South Park

skit unscathed


Nicole Kidman trying to get Tom Cruise to come out

, Mark Zuckerberg trying hard to appear human, or Kanye West exhibiting all sorts of borderline behaviors.

The series has gone from Bono to Philip Glass.

In the work of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the most omnipresent pop culture coexists with twisted references.

Cola and coffee drink for very coffee lovers


This crazy


takes place at breakneck speed on the screen, as if Stone and Parker know they have to face a censorship committee... but this one is made up of gentlemen with little reflexes.


The Simpsons

managed to become a forum for opinion of the first order,

South Park

claimed, in its brutal way, freedom of expression, wondering if its limits existed and if they were different in the case of animated fiction.

The barbarities that were done and said in that invented town in Colorado seemed not to have that, limit.

Precisely therein lay both its appeal and its success.

Stone and Parker dared with Muhammad, with the Virgin Mary and even with Steve Irwin, "the crocodile hunter"

that delusional popularizer who died in 2006 after being stung by a marine stingray that was only defending himself from a very annoying man.


South Park

Irwin appeared with the animal inserted in his chest, arousing the hatred of his large parish of


(of Steve Irwin, not of the stripe).

A community that, demonstrating its existence and its discontent, completed the joke of the series.

That's how smart

South Park

is .


that motherfucking daughter of a bitch, as she herself would sing


At other times, the series faced a curious phenomenon: its indiscriminate ridicule of anything made it impossible to know if its writers had one opinion or another on certain matters.

Or if they didn't have any.

Or all at once.

It happened when they took Al Gore from 2006 as a pimpampum, completely focused on raising awareness about climate change


In that case, the series subsequently executed something resembling an apology, but with

South Park

who knows where the sarcastic pirouette ends.


have also been the butt of jokes from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, although both saved their best ideas on the matter for their other great work: the musical

The Book of Mormon


The more than 500 million dollars that this project has billed to date are further proof that Stone and Parker do not belong to the sphere of the

protesting underground

, but rather that their power lies in

living in the center of the entertainment industry


Following the success of

South Park

, both the film in the series (

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

, 1999) and

Team America

, his hilarious 2005 puppet flick, delivered at the box office.

Matt Damon, savagely parodied in this latest film, has returned to the

South Park

agenda for his controversial promotion of cryptocurrencies.

In one of the last specials of the series broadcast in the United States, Damon is ridiculed along with other stars such as NBA star

LeBron James, comedian Larry David or actresses Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow


This time, the position of

South Park

is very clear.

The comment on the crypto-celebrities is part of the fourth television movie that Matt Stone and Trey Parker deliver to Paramount + as part of the agreement that creators and platform signed in the fall of 2021. The number of that contract is dizzying -

900 million dollars

- and adds fuel to the fire of the already known as

streaming wars


Precisely like this,

Streaming Wars

, are the title of Stone and Parker's first deliveries to Paramount.

More sarcasm.

It is estimated that each of the members of this creative duo has a personal fortune of

between 600 and 700 million dollars

(more than 580 million euros).

And that's not yet estimating his earnings after the deal with Paramount+ and with the film version of

The Book of Mormon

still pending.

And with South Park renewed until 2027.

Let's see how long it takes to see Kevin Spacey there.

Non-stop marathon on his birthday

The Trey Parker and Matt Stone series premiered in the United States on August 13, 1997. Since then, 25 seasons and 317 episodes have been broadcast.

Many of them are recovered today in Spain by the Comedy Central channel to celebrate the anniversary of the adventures of Cartman, Kyle, Stan and

poor Kenny, who has not stopped dying since then


Starting at 12:00 a.m., Comedy Central will broadcast a 25-hour uninterrupted marathon of the five-time Emmy award-winning sitcom and a Peabody.

Thus, the followers of the wildest gang on television will be able to relive from the eighteenth season to the recently released season 25.

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