For Sean Bean, the now recurrent use of intimacy coordinators on set is rather counterproductive.

For the actor who played Ned Stark in

Game of Thrones

, this practice supposed to smoothen the interactions of the actors during love scenes tends to tense him up.

“It's going to inhibit me rather because it draws my attention to things.

Someone says to you, 'Do this, put your hand there...I think the natural way lovers act would be ruined by someone reducing everything to a technical exercise,' he told The Times, before to reminisce about his experience on the set of

Lady Chatterley

, the 1993 series adapted from the DH Lawrence classic in which he opposite Joely Richardson.

An intimacy at the service of the story

“Lady Chatterley was (a shoot) spontaneous.

It was a joy.

There was good chemistry between us, and we knew what we were doing was unusual, ”continued Sean Bean in reference to his on-screen partner.

“Because she was married, and I was too.

But we were following the story.

We were trying to reflect the truth of what DH Lawrence wrote.


However, Sean Bean readily admits that the presence of intimacy coordinators is a way for studios to cover themselves in the post #MeToo era, while there is no longer any question of imposing anything on actors and , a fortiori, to actresses in terms of nudity and sex scenes.


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