On August 11, the reality drama "Ice Rain and Fire" reflecting the people's war against drugs in the new era was broadcast exclusively on Youku.

The play depicts the front-line work of China's anti-drug police in a realistic style. They are not afraid of life-threatening arrests of drug dealers, and overcome difficulties in anti-drug work with their wisdom and rich experience, which resonates with users who follow the drama. "Salute to the holy anti-drug police" and so on became high-frequency words.

  "Ice Rain and Fire" is directed by Fu Dongyu, starring Chen Xiao, Wang Yibo, Wang Jinsong, Liu Yijun and other young and middle-aged actors. It tells the story of a lonely hero Wu Zhenfeng (played by Chen Xiao) and anti-drug policeman Chen Yu (played by Wang Yibo) and their teammates who never forget their original aspirations and keep their mission in mind , broke into the drug cartel, and finally wiped out the drug dealers.

In the first update of the plot, Wu Zhenfeng, who was in the abyss, walked into the abyss and still pursued the light. Chen Yu, who insisted on justice, was walking on thin ice and never gave up. The front-line anti-drug police and criminals fought many times to protect the people and justice. , The production is solid and textured, and it has won praise from the audience.

  According to reports, as early as August 2019, the crew of "Ice Rain and Fire" went to the public security units of various cities and counties in Yunnan Province for many times, and entered the Anti-Narcotics Bureau, Anti-Drug Detachment, Anti-Drug Brigade, Drug Rehabilitation Center, Police Station, Detention Center for interviews, creation and on-site For the framing, a large number of real character prototypes, real public security police stories, real anti-drug cases and other rich materials were collected for script creation.

On the basis of comprehensive and in-depth research, with realistic creative attitudes and techniques, it shows the real situation of the anti-drug police, restores the most real face of the police's anti-drug work, eulogizes the lofty and just image of the people's anti-drug police, and shows the heroic face of the new era.

  Anti-drug police is one of the most dangerous occupations, and anti-drug work is more related to national security, national prosperity and people's well-being.

For a long time, my country has insisted on cracking down on drug-related crimes in accordance with the law, intensifying efforts to rectify key areas, resolutely destroying the network of drug-producing and trafficking gangs, and digging deep into drug-related underworld forces and their "protective umbrellas" to eradicate the breeding ground for the drug problem.

Front-line anti-drug police with iron will and selfless dedication, face the test of life and death, and stick to the front line for the safety of the people.

"Ice Rain and Fire" actively responds to the country's deployment of anti-drug work, in the form of film and television dramas that are easily accepted by the public, and follows the creative concept and method of realism. story.

  Many viewers said on social platforms after watching the first two episodes: "The greatest practical significance of this show is to convey to the audience that everyone should take the initiative to refuse drugs!" "Although I only watched four episodes, I can still Understand how dangerous the work of the drug cops is. This is socially responsible work.”