China News Service, Shandong, August 12 (Li Mingrui) The 2022 Shandong Provincial Cultural Relics Vocational Skills Competition opened on the 12th in Qufu, Shandong, the hometown of Confucius. 91 players from all over Shandong "competed on the same stage" to promote the spirit of craftsmen and protect cultural heritage.

  Gong Xiaofang, Deputy Mayor of Jining City, introduced at the opening ceremony that the competition is divided into 6 competitions, including restoration of wooden cultural relics, restoration of clay and tile cultural relics, restoration of ceramic cultural relics, and archaeological exploration. .

In each competition, there will be 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes for individual awards; 5 outstanding organization awards for team awards.

The picture shows the site of the competition for the restoration of cultural relics made of mud tiles.

Photo by Li Mingrui

  At the site of the practical competition for the restoration of cultural relics made of clay tiles, Shi Wenzheng, a contestant born in the 1980s, made use of cultural relic restoration tools according to the drawings issued at the assessment site.

Originally studying fine arts, he accidentally found that the restoration of clay tiles as cultural relics is very interesting, so he devoted himself to the protection of cultural relics.

"Every brick you lay is a success," he said.

  "Archaeological work is very fun, and the exploration process is like unveiling layers of mystery." Duan Xinxia from the Jining Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology told reporters at the site of the archaeological exploration competition that in addition to the cultural relics protection workers themselves, the public also There is a growing interest in cultural relics and archaeology.

She called on more people to visit museums, appreciate the style of historical relics, and inspire a sense of responsibility and mission to protect cultural heritage.

The picture shows the site of the ceramic cultural relic restoration competition.

Photo by Li Mingrui

  Fu Weidong, a judge from the Palace Museum, said that holding this competition is a demonstration of the skill level of cultural relics protection and restoration and a test of the quality of the talent team, which will help to comprehensively improve the quality of talents in the cultural relics industry.

"The participants will learn from each other during the competition, which will promote the practitioners' ability to learn and innovate."

  "A solitary lamp for a quarter of a knife, a ruler and a file. The restorer of cultural relics has turned the 'decay' into a miracle, giving the cultural relics new life." Wang Tingqi, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and deputy director of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, said, "Artisan in a great country" has evolved into a synonym for excellence, tenacity, perseverance and truth-seeking innovation.

The restoration of cultural relics requires not only solid skills, but also patience, a high sense of responsibility and strong perseverance.

The picture shows the scene of the archaeological exploration competition photo by Li Mingrui

  Wang Tingqi said that Shandong is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, the birthplace of Confucian culture, and the birthplace of Yimeng spirit.

Holding this competition is of great significance for promoting the spirit of craftsmen, building a talent team, and protecting and inheriting cultural heritage.

Shandong will take this competition as an opportunity to further improve the training system for skilled personnel and build a professional and technical team with equal emphasis on morality and skill (End)