China News Agency, Beijing, August 13th: What is the cultural meaning of the film festival?

  Author Cui Bailu

  The 12th Beijing International Film Festival opened on the 13th. Filmmakers from all over the world gathered in Beijing for a long-awaited light and shadow event with fans.

On August 12, the red carpet event for the opening ceremony of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival was held at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. Many star artists appeared on the red carpet ceremony.

The picture shows Guo Fan (first from left), Li Xuejian (second from left), Ke Wensi (third from left), Qin Hailu (second from right), and Wu Jing (first from right) on the red carpet.

Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

  Since the world's first international film festival, the Venice International Film Festival, was held in 1932, the film festival has gone through nearly a hundred years of history.

Today, there are thousands of film festivals around the world, including internationally renowned comprehensive film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, etc., as well as specific international film festivals such as Asia International Film Festival, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, FIRST Youth Film Festival, etc. field of film festivals.

Why hold a film festival?

What is the cultural meaning behind it?

  In 1895, the French Lumiere brothers screened the 50-second film "The Arrival of the Train" in a Parisian café, marking the birth of cinema.

Later, early filmmakers explored the use of film to record various moving images with their forward thinking and creative spirit: In 1902, Georges Mérieux adapted "Journey to the Moon" based on the novels of Verne and Wells, creating the first film in history. A science fiction film; in 1905, Beijing photographer Ren Jingfeng shot "Dingjun Mountain" for the 60th birthday of Peking Opera veteran Tan Xinpei, which became the first domestic film produced by the Chinese; in 1915, Chaplin directed and starred in "The Tramp" , has left the most classic comedy image in the century-old film history.

The picture shows a parade float based on the famous movie star Chaplin.

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  In 1911, Italian poet and film pioneer Giotto Canudo juxtaposed film with poetry, music, dance, fine arts, architecture and drama, calling it the "Seventh Art".

Since then, movies have been given higher artistic value to reflect the colorful spiritual world of human beings.

The common emotions, aesthetics and concepts of human beings displayed in the film make the film break through the shackles of time and space, and is widely accepted and loved by the people of the world, embarking on the road of popularization and internationalization.

Under the joint action of artistic, social and commercial values, the film festival came into being.

  As a cultural event, the film festival reflects the historical heritage and cultural texture of the city, and is also a cultural business card to show the image of a country or region.

After long-term development, different film festivals have formed their own areas of expertise and unique styles: For example, the Cannes Film Festival in France is good at combining art and business, and has become the world's largest film market in terms of transaction volume; It prefers the selection and screening of art films; the Berlin Film Festival in Germany pays more attention to politics when selecting films, paying attention to the political situation, social issues and the collision of values; Soul, balance the artistic, social and commercial value of the film, showing the tone of openness, inclusiveness, simplicity and innovation.

  The festival also builds bridges for mutual respect, harmonious coexistence, communication and cooperation between different cultures.

Taking this year's Beijing Film Festival as an example, as many as 1,193 foreign films from 88 countries and regions have signed up for the "Tiantan Award", and more than 130 films were shown from nearly 30 countries and regions, including Francois. Truffaut's "Antoine Five", Greek film master Theo Angelopoulos' works review, Yuasa Masaki's new animation "Heike Monogatari: Dog King", the latest award-winning works "Alcalas" and "A Little Bit" Remember some" and so on.

Through thematic forums, master classes, investment exhibitions, project negotiations, industry dialogues and other main activities, the Beijing Film Festival has become an international platform connecting filmmakers, enterprises, industries and audiences around the world.

  In recent years, affected by the new crown epidemic, the global film industry has faced new challenges, and many international film festivals have also been forced to cancel or postpone.

This year's Beijing Film Festival was held as scheduled, which was given the important significance of restoring the film festival's ecology, promoting industry recovery and boosting market confidence.

It is not only a grand exhibition of film art and technical achievements, but also a sailing ship to overcome difficulties together.

  Harmony but difference is the most distinctive background color of the film festival.

The famous French director Jean-Luc Godard once said, "A film is a dream, and in a dream you discover your true self." If the film is a dream and the filmmaker is the dreamer, then the film festival is the A "dream building space" where colorful dreams are intertwined.