The Tokyo metropolitan government will start accepting applications from the 13th to people in their 40s from the 13th to those in their 40s who have tested positive for the new coronavirus and applied online.

In order to reduce the burden on medical institutions where tests and consultations are concentrated, the metropolitan government began operating the "Positive Person Registration Center" on August 3, where people who test positive in self-tests can apply online.

Initially, the metropolitan government targeted people in their 20s, who had a large proportion of infected people and had a low risk of becoming seriously ill, but this week, they expanded the target to include people in their 30s, and furthermore, at 9:00 am on the 13th. We accept from 40's.

Users can receive support such as health observation from the "home care support center" = "Uchisapo Tokyo" in Tokyo.

In addition, the city distributes antigen test kits free of charge to people with symptoms such as fever, and this was also expanded from the 12th to the 40s from the 20s and 30s.

A person in charge of the metropolitan government said, "It is an issue that medical care is concentrated in fever outpatients, so I would like people with stable symptoms and no underlying diseases to receive the necessary support at the center." .