Zhao Zhijiang

  On August 9, Peng Dongying, the mother of the kidnapped child Fu Jiantao, posted that she had recently been hit by Internet violence due to the problem of retrieving Sun Zhuo's clues.

In the video, she also raised questions about bounties.

On the evening of August 10, Sun Zhuo's father Sun Haiyang said that he was willing to pay a bounty of 200,000 yuan and hoped to get in touch with Fu Jiantao's mother.

  "We are all families looking for relatives, brothers and sisters, there is no need for this." Sun Haiyang's remarks made people feel embarrassed.

Two families with the same illness and pity, two people who devoted all their energy to finding their son, they supported and encouraged each other, and walked side by side for more than ten years. huge rift.

The 200,000 yuan bounty was one of the fuses.

  In fact, whether Sun Haiyang should honor the 200,000 yuan reward for finding a child, when Sun Haiyang retrieved his son Sun Zhuo, once aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Because of the topic "Fu Jiantao provided clues to help find Sun Zhuo", Fu Jiantao's mother Peng Dongying was questioned by many netizens.

On the one hand, netizens questioned the value of the clues provided by Fu Jiantao. On the other hand, they felt that Sun Haiyang's recovery of Sun Zhuo was the result of various efforts.

Based on this, it was suggested that "Sun Zhuo was found by the police and has nothing to do with Fu Jiantao".

What's more, it is believed that Peng Dongying hyped this topic on the Internet, "purely grabbing credit and touching porcelain".

  The long-lost son was finally found. This was the end of a period of suffering, but for Peng Dongying, it became the beginning of a new suffering.

In the face of gossip, Peng Dongying has fought with netizens many times, but what greeted her was wave after wave of more aggressive attacks.

The same is to find her son, Sun Haiyang's life has returned to peace, but Peng Dongying's life has fallen into new chaos, which will inevitably make her anxious.

In the newly issued long article, Peng Dongying bluntly said: Sun Haiyang's indifference makes me even more sad.

  "Indifference" is a definition given by Peng Dongying for Sun Haiyang, and this is the key to Peng Dongying's indignation.

Based on the definition of "indifference", Peng Dongying could easily blame Sun Haiyang for all the cyber violence he suffered - why didn't you speak up for me?

Because of this, Peng Dongying threw out three questions in one breath: Will the clues provided by Taotao help to find Sun Zhuo?

Have you publicly committed to paying bounties to people who provide leads?

Do the clues provided by Taotao meet the conditions you set?

  Who contributed the most to the process of retrieving Sun Zhuo is a difficult question to have a single answer to.

Although Peng Dongying's series of questions was full of gunpowder, Sun Haiyang responded positively: "The clues provided by Taotao meet the conditions I set."

Not only that, Sun Haiyang also said, "Everyone is helpful to me, thousands of fireflies, and everyone is helpful to us looking for Sun Zhuo for so many years." For Peng Dongying, who is troubled by violence, it is undoubtedly a great relief.

Sun Haiyang's remarks are also a direct refutation of cyber violence.

It is certain that Peng Dongying is eligible to receive a bounty of 200,000 yuan, which means that all the rumors surrounding this topic can be put to an end.

  200,000 yuan is not a small amount for Sun Haiyang, who has been searching for his son for more than ten years.

He dared to face Peng Dongying's questioning and had the courage to fulfill his promise, which not only reflected the personal quality of a promise of gold, but also tried to appease Peng Dongying's scarred heart - what Peng Dongying wanted was not only a bounty of 200,000 yuan, but also a bounty of 200,000 yuan. A fair statement, and a peaceful life based on it.

  Regardless of whether Peng Dongying accepts the money or not, Sun Haiyang's kindness should be seen.

No matter how this incident ends, the harm of cyber violence should not be let go.

While hoping that the world will be free from kidnapping, I also hope that the world will be free from cyber violence, just as Sun Haiyang said: I hope everyone will not tell lies and harm others in the name of helping people.