In Saitama Prefecture, it was announced on the 12th that 10,528 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus.

Compared to Friday of the previous week, the number of people decreased by more than 3,400, and it was below the same day of the previous week for 6 consecutive days.

The breakdown is

▽ Saitama Prefecture 7879 people

▽ Kawaguchi City 793 people

▽ Saitama City 774 people

▽ Koshigaya City 609 people

▽ Kawagoe City 473 people.

With this, the total number of people announced to be infected in the prefecture has reached 901,592.

On the other hand, the prefecture and Saitama City announced that a total of 12 people died of the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of people who died in the prefecture to 1,790.