Attention for a walrus named Freya in Norway could be the animal's undoing.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries said on Thursday evening that careless behavior by onlookers and failure to follow official recommendations could endanger life and health.

"We are now examining other measures where killing can be a real alternative," warned the agency's senior communications adviser.

A patrol is on site in the Oslofjord to monitor the situation.

The female walrus, weighing almost 600 kilograms, has been keeping the region around the Norwegian capital Oslo busy for weeks.

Among other things, it kept laying on boats at anchor.

The animal has become a summer attraction for many people in the region.

Usually, walruses live further north in arctic waters.

The fishery management is particularly bothered by the fact that people jumped into the water with Freya and also came very close to her with children on the bank to take photos.

"We would again like to - strongly - advise the public to keep their distance and not bathe with the walrus where the walrus has been observed," said the senior communications adviser.

This is for your own safety as well as animal welfare.

The biggest concern is that people could get hurt.

Killing the animal is considered the last option.