China News Service, Nanning, August 11 (Gan Xian) Information provided by the Nanning Public Security Department of the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau on the 11th shows that since the beginning of the summer transport in July, the two railway station police stations in Nanning and Nanning East within the department have dealt with children in There were 56 police reports of missing at the railway station. Fortunately, these children were all found.

  Gao Mingwei, a policeman from the Nanning East Station Police Station of the Nanning Public Security Department of the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau, introduced that he has recently dealt with two cases of missing children.

Mr. Wei from Nanning, Guangxi was guarding his 9-year-old son and lost his 3-year-old daughter.

Ms. Mo told her 9-year-old son who was going to the toilet to wait for him at the entrance. After the child left the toilet, he couldn't tell which entrance was at the station and got lost.

Gao Mingwei helped Mr. Wei find his lost 3-year-old daughter.

Photo by Wei Hejin

  "The child can't be found. I guarded my son and didn't notice that my daughter ran away and lost." At 9 o'clock on August 8, Gao Mingwei received help from Mr. Wei, a passenger.

Mr. Wei's family from Nanning, Guangxi was going to take the D3789 train to Guangzhou for a tour. While waiting for the train, his 3-year-old daughter ran out to chase the mother who was shopping and went away. Mr. Wei did not go after his daughter because he wanted to take care of his 9-year-old son. He didn't notice that his daughter was chasing after him, and he got lost.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately retrieved the surveillance and looked back. 10 minutes later, the police took Mr. Wei to find the child in the convenience store of the station mall.

Gao Mingwei reminded passengers to take good care of children and luggage.

Photo by Yao Pengpeng

  On August 9, when Gao Mingwei was inspecting the waiting room, a 9-year-old boy came to ask the police for help, saying that he could not find his mother. Fortunately, the child remembered his mother's phone number, and the police quickly contacted and found the little boy. 's mother.

It turned out that the mother, Ms. Mo, told her son to wait for him at the entrance of B22 after he had finished using the bathroom, but after the son came out of the bathroom, he could not tell the south or the north entrance, so he separated from the parents.

Gao Mingwei drives a mobile service vehicle to patrol Nanning East Station.

Photo by Gan Xian

  The Nanning Railway Police reminds passengers that the railway station is currently at the peak of the summer passenger flow. Passengers with children must make sure that the children are within their line of sight when traveling. Before traveling, you may wish to let the children memorize the parents' names, phone numbers, addresses and other information. , you can also consider writing these information into small pieces of paper for children to carry with them, so that the police or well-wishers can quickly contact their families in an emergency.