In Kenya, 48 hours after the election the electoral commission has only just started counting the votes.

For their part, the Kenyan media are doing their own counting.

Throughout the day, television stations announced different estimates.

Kenyans are increasingly confused and anxiously awaiting the announcement of the name of their next president.

In Nairobi, Bastien Renouil tells us more. 

Thousands of Sudanese marched through the streets of Khartoum on Thursday to urge the soldiers, who have led the country since the October putsch, to return to their barracks and to demand better living conditions, "The soldiers in their barracks", "security", or "free health and education", chant the protesters.

Second episode of our series dedicated to the Biennale of Ouidah in Benin.

Vodun arts and cultures, markers of Beninese identity, are given pride of place.

Ritual ceremonies, concerts, fashion shows punctuate the program.

Guided tour by Emmanuelle Sodji.

Editor: Célia Caracena

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