A kind of "ancestral secret hand-packed medicine" that claims to be able to cure all diseases and various incurable diseases, many elderly people have stomach pains and diarrhea after taking it... On August 11, the Public Security Bureau of Liangjiang New District in Chongqing released news that the police successfully destroyed it a few days ago. A criminal gang that produces, processes and sells counterfeit medicines to defraud the elderly.

11 criminal suspects were arrested, 11 production, storage and sales dens were destroyed, and more than 25 million "pills" were seized, involving more than 8 million yuan.

  Claims that "magic medicine" can cure all diseases

  More than 20,000 elderly people are fooled

  In mid-March this year, the police in Liangjiang New District of Chongqing received reports from the masses that there were criminal gangs selling fake medicines to the elderly and committing fraud in Yuanyang Street.

In this regard, the police of Liangjiang New District, under the overall guidance of the Criminal Investigation Corps and the Anti-Counterfeiting Corps of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, quickly established a special task force to investigate the matter with all their strength.

After three months of careful investigation, a criminal gang that produces, processes and sells counterfeit drugs to defraud the elderly has surfaced.

  Since 2019, a gang headed by a man named Ye has mixed and mixed herbal medicines and various Western medicines in a simple black workshop without any qualifications related to doctors and medicines, and kneaded them into pills, claiming to be able to treat rheumatism. , cough, bronchitis, pain, skin diseases and other hundreds of diseases and various incurable diseases, "ancestral secret recipe hand-packed medicine", sold to the elderly through online publicity, mail, bulk sales and other methods.

More than 20,000 elderly people were deceived, and the amount involved was more than 8 million yuan.

  Multi-department teamed up to destroy 11 dens

  The pills involved were identified as counterfeit

  After mastering the relevant evidence, on June 29, the Chongqing police, together with the market supervision departments at the two levels in the city, jointly enforced the law, and carried out a centralized network collection operation in multiple ways, destroying the production, processing, and sales of counterfeit medicines and defrauding the elderly in one fell swoop. gang.

11 criminal suspects were arrested, 11 production, warehousing, and sales dens were destroyed, 15 sets of counterfeit equipment were seized, and more than 1,800 kilograms of counterfeit medicines and raw materials were seized.

Among them, more than 25 million finished pills.

  After testing by the Chongqing Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Institute, the market supervision department determined that the pills involved were all counterfeit drugs.

  According to the special police, after taking the pills, a number of elderly people experienced different degrees of stomach pain, diarrhea and other adverse symptoms.

  The pills produced by the gang have not obtained any relevant approval documents, and the pills have no effect. Taking the pills will delay the best time for treatment and lead to aggravation of the disease.

At the same time, long-term use can cause serious damage to human organs and immune system.

  Police remind: Some people often use the banners of "ancestral prescriptions" and "magic medicines" to defraud the elderly, claiming that "magic medicines" for intractable diseases are often fake medicines produced by small workshops and black dens through simple mixing. Bad medicine.

Don't believe the so-called "hereditary secret recipes" sold at street stalls and online, and don't take unidentified medicines without any labels or formal packaging.

When you feel unwell, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time, and buy medicines through regular channels, so as not to delay the time of diagnosis and treatment, resulting in irreversible consequences.

  At present, the case is under further investigation.

  Chongqing Morning News · Upstream News reporter Xu Qin