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Children's room renovation does not have to be blindly "tall"

Industry insiders remind you to choose a plan that is right for you

  Our reporter Liu Yingchao

  The summer home improvement market is hot, and the renovation of children's rooms has become a new highlight of business promotions.

The reporter visited the market recently and learned that many home improvement building materials manufacturers have launched new upgraded products, and the luxury and dream-style high-end children's rooms are aimed at parents' wallets.

Home improvement industry insiders remind consumers: Don’t be misled by some high-end decoration design styles, but have a deep understanding of the current market situation and reasonably choose a decoration plan that is more suitable for your children’s characteristics.

  The reporter has seen in the city's large home furnishing store for days that posters of the whole house customizing the children's room have been placed in a conspicuous position.

In the picture display of the renovated children's room model room recommended by the designer, many new home furnishing products such as high-end wallpaper, chandeliers, carpets, and children's furniture are particularly attractive.

Although these new products are still expensive after discounts, the merchants try their best to introduce the necessity of buying these "tall" products to parents.

Citizen Ms. Tian took a fancy to a special wallpaper for children's room, and said a little tangled: "The wallpaper pattern is too exciting, and the merchant repeatedly said that this wallpaper uses high-tech environmental protection materials, which is conducive to the growth of children, but the family thinks it is beyond budget."

  In the reporter's investigation and interview, some people in the home improvement industry privately revealed that in the renovation of the children's room, high-end wallpaper is actually an item that can be discarded.

Some high-end wallpapers are expensive and expensive, and cannot guarantee the controllability of volatile glues during construction.

Relatively speaking, many well-known latex paint companies that attach importance to environmental protection evaluation have professional construction teams and professional experience in the renovation of children's rooms. They can provide rich color matching and quality control, which are safe, beautiful, reliable, and have far lower costs. Use high-end wallpapers.

  In addition, in response to the efforts of many foreign brands to develop the domestic children's furniture market, industry insiders reminded: in recent years, some foreign brand furniture has been exposed by the market supervision department to be unqualified, involving problems such as unqualified warning signs and hidden safety hazards in installation.

In addition, some foreign-funded home furnishing companies have also increased the recall of problematic products in my country in recent years, which also reminds people that the renovation of children's rooms must pay attention to safety issues.

In view of the lively and active characteristics of children during their growth period, parents should not blindly think that foreign brands are better than domestic brands when purchasing household items.

When choosing the whole house customization of children's room, it is recommended that consumers pay attention to the grade of environmentally friendly building materials first, and the customized "lining" is more important than "face".

  The industry also suggests that the design of the sleeping area and storage area in the children's room should be selected according to the child's height change in the past five years, and some furniture should choose a retractable design to leave more space for children to move.

The design of climbing walls and children's slides in the children's activity area should also pay attention to practicality and avoid waste.

Some consumers who regretted the renovation of the children's room complained online: they were attracted by the model rooms of the children's room displayed on some online live broadcast platforms, but after copying and remodeling, their children "do not want to see" at all.