And the interactive bulletin - your publication (10/8/2022) monitored a number of media platforms reporting news from the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" that the name of Israel is not mentioned on the page of the FIFA website dedicated to selling tickets for the 2022 World Cup. Which will be launched in Qatar next November, and that the only option available on the list is the occupied Palestinian territories.

The newspaper added that when accessing the website of the organizing committee, specifically the page dedicated to selling tickets, which is run by the Qataris - according to the newspaper - and choosing the Asia and Middle East region, all countries are reviewed, except for Israel, while the name of the occupied Palestinian territories appears.

The newspaper quoted Israeli businessmen feeling resentment at the replacement of the name Israel with the occupied Palestinian territories, describing it as a "great disgrace."

Abdul Hakim Al-Qaytbi thanked Qatar for this step, so he wrote, "Greetings to Qatar .. canceling the name "Israel" in the World Cup in Qatar. With the approaching of the World Cup in Qatar, the Israeli occupation showed a state of grumbling and protest over the update on the official website of the World Football Association (FIFA), by removing the name Israel from the map of countries, and replacing the phrase “occupied Palestinian territories.”

Nasser bin Rashid Al-Nuaimi believed that the site mentioned the truth and did not change anything;

He said, "FIFA tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup do not mention the name of Israel, but the occupied Palestinian territories. In fact, that is the truth, and the facts are not changed by the passage of time."

In turn, Omar Al-Nabrawi sees it as a step in the right direction, so he wrote, "A step in the right direction is long overdue."

As for Muhammad Shush, he confirmed that the land belongs to the Palestinians, and he tweeted: “It is the Palestinian lands, our land, our homeland, and our roots, and they are passing through.”