They are called free cats, stray cats, sometimes feral cats.

We find them in the streets of our cities, in more or less good shape... Welcome to "Animal", the sound series that questions the place of animals in the city.

Living beings, big or small, with whom we share our cities.

For this season in five episodes, we are interested in sparrows, bats, tiger mosquitoes, brown rats, free cats.

Mammals, birds, insects sometimes feared, even hated.

What are the perceptions, and the truths?

What management of street cats?

In this episode, we will meet volunteers from the "Chat d'Oc" refuge in the south-east of Paris.

The shelter of this association, which received its approval in 2021, welcomes around thirty cats.

Alongside neglected or lost domestic animals, there are several street cats that have never known a home.

Here they are cared for, identified, sterilized, fed, before being, often, released.

What are the links with these animals that live poorly in captivity?

What can be done to let these animals live in the city, without them proliferating or threatening biodiversity?

What are the requests of these volunteers for these cats that are not adapted to living in a home?

Answers in this podcast.

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See you very soon for a new episode of our audio series "Animal" in the podcast "Summer in your ears".

It will be dedicated to city bats.

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