On August 10, the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters in Urumqi, Xinjiang issued an announcement. The prevention and control headquarters has researched and decided that starting from 8:00 on August 10, 2022, the city's Tianshan District, Shayibak District, Shuimogou District, High-tech Zone (new urban area), Economic Development Zone (Toutunhe District), Midong District implements temporary static management measures, tentatively scheduled for five days.

  The announcement stated that all streets (townships) and communities (villages) in the city's key urban areas will implement static management measures, and in principle, only one entrance and exit will be reserved for communities, units, and courtyards.

In the static management area, all residents will not go out unless necessary, except for nucleic acid testing, medical rescue, emergency rescue, production and living security, garbage disposal, and administrative law enforcement.

The community (village) shall provide service guarantee and implement point-to-point medical treatment.

All kinds of personnel participating in epidemic prevention and control and urban security work shall pass through with relevant documents.

  In terms of transportation, management and control are implemented. Except for the operation of guaranteed vehicles, buses, taxis, and subways are suspended to ensure the basic operation of the city and the passage of vehicle certificates related to epidemic prevention and control.

Railways, highways and airports remain in normal operation.

During the static management period, non-essential non-leaving and non-returning to Uzbekistan will be implemented. The districts (counties) and transportation departments who come to and return to Uzbekistan really need to do point-to-point traffic and check-in work; those who really need to leave Uzbekistan must hold 24-hour nucleic acid testing Negative reports and green health codes will be arranged by the community to leave Ukraine point-to-point.

In accordance with the requirements of "one break and three continuations" (resolutely blocking the transmission channels of the virus, ensuring continuous transportation networks, continuous green channels for emergency transportation, and continuous transportation channels for necessary mass production and living materials), do a good job in ensuring the smooth flow of freight logistics.

  It is reported that on August 9, there were no new confirmed cases in Urumqi.

There were 27 new cases of asymptomatic infections, including 7 cases in Tianshan District, 12 cases in Shayibak District, 2 cases in High-tech Zone (new urban area), and 6 cases in Shuimogou District, all of whom reported asymptomatic infections on August 7. Close contacts and people with a history of living in high-risk areas in Xinjiang within the past 7 days were found in routine nucleic acid testing, that is, closed-loop transfer to designated medical institutions for isolation medical observation, and the places involved have been terminally sterilized.

At present, emergency response work such as flow survey traceability, placement management and control, and close contact personnel tracking and investigation has been fully advanced.

(Reporter Zhao Yamin)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]