[Commentary] On August 9, the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau held the "Little Overseas Chinese Entering the Police Camp 'Children' Heart to Build a Blessed State"' and "Overseas 110" Police Camp Open Day activities, inviting small overseas Chinese and their parents to visit the bureau. SWAT detachment, experience the life of the SWAT team in the police camp from a distance.

  [Explanation] Under the scorching sun, the SWAT team members conducted live fire drills, and the police controlled the police crossing plane to demonstrate their skills.

The wonderful display won bursts of applause from the overseas Chinese and their parents.

At the event site, weapons and vehicles such as EOD robots, anti-riot equipment, and high-precision snipers were eye-opening for the small overseas Chinese. After listening to the introduction, they also experienced it for themselves.

  [Concurrent] Wang Jiaji, an overseas Chinese who participated in the event

  This robot is very good, very flexible, and has many postures. If it is the first contact, it is very well equipped and well-equipped.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Wang, an overseas Chinese who participated in the activity

  In the past, I saw police equipment like this on TV, but now we watch it live, which really makes me feel very difficult. Shooting and other aspects have to be practiced, which is very powerful.

  [Explanation] On January 10 this year, the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau took the lead in launching the "Tianya Ruoxiang Overseas 110" alarm service desk in the country, opening three alarm channels of telephone, WeChat and email, and accepting the alarm and assistance of overseas Fuzhou overseas Chinese 24 hours a day. .

After the opening of the alarm service desk, Fuzhou Public Security "Overseas 110" has successively launched a series of innovative measures to benefit overseas Chinese, which have been highly praised by the majority of overseas Chinese in Fuzhou.

  [Commentary] Li Cuiting is an overseas Chinese living in Argentina. This time she brought her two children to participate in the activity, hoping to broaden the children's horizons.

Li Cuiting told reporters that after the opening of the "Overseas 110" alarm service desk, many overseas Chinese have brought a lot of convenience in handling documents, entry and exit.

  [Same period] Li Cuiting, an overseas Chinese who participated in the activity

  There is no need to run both ends, because all of our overseas Chinese need to work and are very busy. If you do it online, it is very convenient to submit those documents (materials) all at once.

I just feel subconsciously as if the motherland is by my side, so everything is very convenient. It’s not like others say that you are abroad and it is inconvenient to do things, but we don’t have this feeling, and it feels good.

  [Explanation] The police said that through the "Overseas 110" Police Camp Open Day, it not only showed the overseas Chinese a good image of the SWAT team's well-trained, proficient in business, and good style, but also made the overseas Chinese better understand and familiarize themselves with the overseas Chinese. Huiqiao's innovative measures have further strengthened the relationship between police and overseas Chinese.

  [Concurrent] Liu Rongyan, a police officer of the Police and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau

  These small overseas Chinese will be an important force that cannot be ignored in spreading Fuzhou culture, strengthening Sino-foreign exchanges, and promoting economic development in the future. Huiqiao's new measures have wholeheartedly served the vast number of overseas Chinese and their relatives of returned overseas Chinese, and have truly become a caring and heart-warming person for the vast number of overseas Chinese in Fuzhou.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]