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“Searching for Sugar Man” or how a documentary can change your life

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“Searching for Sugar Man”, by Swedish Malik Bendjelloul, tells the true story of Sixto Rodriguez.

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10 years ago, the documentary "Searching for Sugar Man" was released.

The story of a quest led by South African fans to find American singer Sixto Rodriguez.

Without knowing it, and forgotten by all, this musician of the 70s was a huge star among the South African white minority and in Australia.

The film won the Oscar for best documentary in 2013, and was a worldwide phenomenon... An upheaval also in the lives of its protagonists.  


“Searching for Sugar Man” or how a documentary can change your life is a great report by Romain Chanson in Cape Town, South Africa.


List of songs played:

- Crucify Your Mind

(Cold Fact, 1970) 

- Sugar Man

(Cold Fact, 1970) 

- Hate Street Dialogue

(Cold Fact, 1970) 

- Can't Get Away From Me


Seaching For Sugarman Soundtrack

- Sandrevan Lullaby - Lifestyles

(Coming From Reality, 1971) 

- Jane S. Piddy

(Cold Fact, 1970) 

- Cause

(Coming From Reality, 1971). 


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