An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was held to advise on countermeasures against the new coronavirus, and although the increase in the number of new infections has decreased, the highest level of infection has continued, and the number of cases in which emergency transportation is difficult has increased. He pointed out that there is a heavy burden on the medical care provision system, including general medical care.

In the future, there are concerns about the impact of people's movement during the Obon period, so we are calling for people to reduce contact opportunities that carry the risk of infection as much as possible and to undergo inspections before returning to their hometowns during the Obon period, when there are more opportunities to come into contact with the elderly.

The expert meeting said that the current infection situation continues to be at the highest level ever, and even if it decreases once, there are areas where it increases sharply after that, and the increase in contact opportunities due to summer holidays and events has an impact. I am analyzing that it can be considered.

The number of infected people continues to increase among people in their 50s and older, including those at high risk of becoming seriously ill, and the number of people who die has suddenly increased to a level close to the peak of the sixth wave, and there are concerns that it will increase further in the future. is.

In addition, it is said that there is a large burden on the medical provision system, including not only corona but also general medical care, such as an increase in cases where ambulance transportation is difficult.

The expert meeting emphasized that there are concerns about the impact of the movement of people during the Obon period, and that it is necessary to pay close attention with the utmost vigilance, including the impact on the medical delivery system.

In addition, while it was necessary to proceed with preparations to start vaccination against the Omicron strain after mid-October, considering the current infection situation, the third vaccination and It is necessary to promote the fourth vaccination.

Then, after calling for reducing contact opportunities that carry the risk of infection as much as possible, if there is contact with the elderly or dinner with a large number of people when returning home during the Bon Festival or summer vacation, test negative with an antigen test kit in advance. We recommend that you check.

In addition, it is necessary to promote a system that allows people to quickly follow up on their health without going to a medical institution if they are found to be positive using an antigen test kit. He pointed out that it is important not to ask for a test certificate when testing and to provide a stable supply of test kits.

New infections continue to increase by 1.05 times from the previous week

According to the materials presented at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's expert meeting, the number of new infections in the week ending on the 9th was 1.05 times higher than the previous week nationwide, and the number of infections continues to rise at a record high level. it is continuing.

Among the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokyo is 0.97 times, Kanagawa Prefecture is 0.94 times, Saitama Prefecture is 1.01 times, and Chiba Prefecture is 1.00 times, which is almost flat.

In Kansai, Osaka Prefecture increased by 1.01 times, Hyogo Prefecture by 1.09 times, Kyoto Prefecture by 1.03 times, Tokai Prefecture by 1.07 times in Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture by 1.20 times, and Mie Prefecture by 1.17 times.

In addition, Okinawa Prefecture, which has the highest number of infected people per population, is 0.96 times.

Hiroshima prefecture has 1.41 times, Kochi prefecture has 1.36 times, and Wakayama prefecture has 1.30 times.

The number of infected people per 100,000 population in the last week was 2261.70 in Okinawa Prefecture, which exceeded 2000, the highest in Japan, followed by Osaka Prefecture with 1596.06 people, Fukuoka Prefecture with 1577.17 people, Miyazaki Prefecture with 1552.95 people, and Tokyo. There are more than 1000 people in 29 prefectures, such as 1539.96 in Tokyo and 1504.11 in Kumamoto Prefecture, and 1194.33 people nationwide.

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare ``Further impact on the medical system''

At an expert meeting, State Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Koga said, "Although the rate of increase in the number of new infections has decreased, the infection level continues to be the highest nationwide. The bed occupancy rate is almost nationwide. The upward trend continues, and the number of severe cases and deaths continues to increase."

He added, "Although the Obon holiday will start from this weekend, the movement of people will increase, and there are concerns about further impacts on the medical system, including fever outpatient clinics. Once again, I would like you to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such as wearing masks appropriately, washing your hands, avoiding the 3Cs, and ventilating."