China News Service, Jinzhong, August 10th (Li Tingyao Tianwen) The reporter learned from the urban branch of Jinzhong City Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province on the 10th that the local Xinhua Street police station, after 40 days of hard work, helped a deaf man find the lost 35 relatives of the year.

  On June 28, two deaf and mute policemen went to the police reception hall of the Xinhua Street police station, and the police on duty communicated with them by typing.

Communication learned that Yang Moumou, a 48-year-old person who called the police this year, was a deaf and mute person. He was lost at the age of 13 and failed to search for his family for many years. It was his wife who accompanied him to the police.

  The police contacted a professional sign language teacher to further communicate with Yang Moumou and learned that Yang Moumou could remember that there were three sisters at home, and briefly stated some characteristics of his hometown.

After learning about the situation in detail, the police continued to guide Yang Moumou to recall more information about his family through communication, and on the other hand, collected blood for Yang Moumou and compared and analyzed it through the database.

  The police found that Yang Moumou's blood DNA was related to three families currently in two cities in Hunan Province, so they rushed to Hunan Province to find them.

  After arriving in Hunan Province, the police, with the assistance of the local public security organs, went to two towns in a county of Huaihua City to look for them, but they did not find Yang's family.

The police went to a town in a county in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. After visiting, they learned that a family in the town may have lost a child more than 30 years ago.

  After grasping the clues, the police rushed to the household immediately, and after the conversation confirmed that Yang Moumou was the lost child of the household.

It was learned that Yang Moumou went to work in Fujian Province with his second sister when he was 13 years old, and then unfortunately got lost.

The police immediately asked the local public security organ to assist in collecting blood for further comparison. After receiving a comparison notice 5 days later, the comparison of the DNA blood samples between Yang Moumou and his family was successful.

  On August 7, Yang Moumou's second and third sisters drove from Hunan Province to the Xinhua Street police station. After checking their identities, the police held a ceremony for them to recognize their relatives.

So far, family members who have been separated for 35 years are finally reunited.