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"No, no, we will not need the money!"


Yousef al-Sharif


August 10, 2022

Unfortunately, a misconception has spread in our societies, and we may share it with most human beings that there is a great correlation between money or wealth and lack of morals.

Did not God - Glory be to Him - mention it that it is money and children, so why did the concept contrary to the original prevail?!

Why do we have a duplicity and a mistake in portraying the rich and the rich, and portraying an unjust image of them often?

In fact, while I was preparing my papers to write an article on this subject, I was stopped by what I remembered of a chant that we always used to hear and hear for our children until it became close to repeating our tongues, which says at the beginning: “No, no, we will not need money.. to increase our beauty here.” He points to His heart, and the truth is that I am not against this chant per se, but we must deal with the topics in their right way and place. Inside?!

Are the owners of money really bad people inside?

In fact, I find that this matter has a great deal of error, especially since we have many models of the rich and millionaires who are distinguished by their high morals and give a lot to their societies, and even those whose conditions are good and moderate and who show the blessings of God on them, we often find them people who are normal in their behavior and disciplined. In their morals, and from this standpoint, I say that money can make us more beautiful, and it does not necessarily have to be associated with negative things.

And if we go back to the chant whose beginnings I mentioned earlier, the beauty that the singer showed in the video clip, with a suitable artwork for him and his work, we find that the money was a large part of the production of the work and the output of the same vocalist in the best way. We misused it, or one of them was new to blessings, so he was deceived by the appearances of the world and high and arrogant to people because of it, so money has nothing to do with what the souls harbor.

In many cases, money is a reason for our good morals, especially when we find someone who uses it to help his family, the people of his house, the poor and the needy around him, or even himself. We find many people who need money in order to show their morals, and you might say to me: How is that?!

and I answer;

How many people in this world cannot reach their mercy because of their lack of resourcefulness, and how many people are unable to provide their families with what they need because of their poverty, and how many people want to have a good imprint in this world, but their ideas require money to implement them, all these and examples Many, it is difficult to mention, need money in order to show their beautiful morals if they are really beautiful, and it was not just a wish that he would get money, and if he enjoyed it, his true morals would appear that did not comply with the essence that he was claiming.

I ask myself a question: How can we tell our children that they have to strive and work hard and complete their school stages in order to receive prestigious positions or jobs.. and how do we ask them to have a curriculum in life to be successful people.. On the other hand, we portray to them misconceptions about Money?

Is not the share of every diligent money is estimated and appreciated his work?

And if it was otherwise, we would not have found someone of us working hard, money is a psychological need that has its positive aspects, and wealth and financial comfort may have positive effects on society, making it less criminal and more moral. Money, and we have to change our view of wealth, for it is another image of our beauty and the beauty of our morals, and let us say: No, no.. how much we need money.



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