Model and actor Lee Soo-hyuk personally explained the 'dopamine addiction theory' surrounding him.

Yesterday (8th), Lee Soo-hyuk's interview content was released on YG Stage's YouTube channel.

On this day, Lee Soo-hyuk played a bingo game by answering questions her fans were curious about or performing a given mission.

Earlier, in a video released through the same channel, Lee Soo-hyuk revealed that he was subscribing to various OTT (online video service) in various ways. It became a hot topic when he said, "It's special."

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Not only that, as it became known that Lee Soo-hyuk is following more than 2,000 celebrities through his private SNS account, online with Lee Soo-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyuk, he said, "Isn't Lee Soo-hyuk dopamine-addicted? He doesn't seem interested in everything in the world, but he's as interested as I am." A consensus was formed among netizens.

In this video, when Lee Soo-hyuk was halfway through the bingo, when asked, "I want an explanation for Lee Soo-hyuk's 'dopamine addiction'," he said, "Basically, I really like watching. I am doing it,” he replied.

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Then, Lee Soo-hyuk said embarrassedly, "I'm afraid to search for my name these days. There are 'Are you watching Lee Soo-hyuk?' in all the posts that have nothing to do with me." It's still a question," he said with a laugh.

He added, "Actually, there are people who look at me with difficulty because I'm playing a lot of heavy roles, and I don't know much about my personality, but I think I'm getting to know you this time, so I think it's a good feeling that they treat me a little more friendly."

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Regarding the private SNS account, Lee Soo-hyuk revealed a new secret (?), saying, "I think it is becoming an issue because I have a lot of followers on my private account.

Netizens who saw the video responded with comments such as "Are you looking at my comments now?", "Lee Soo-hyuk is completely liking him after the fact that he is addicted to dopamine", and "Lee Soo-hyuk is so cute".

Lee Soo-hyuk, who debuted as a model in 2006, is also active as an actor.

He is loved by his fans for his characteristic cold atmosphere and low-pitched voice.

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