Jiang Li

  Recently, the China Education News WeChat official account launched an online survey, with a total of 2,025 teachers participating.

According to the survey, 70% of teachers will make summer plans, "relaxing your body and mind, adjusting your rest", "reading and recharging yourself", "taking a relaxing trip", "preparing lessons and planning for the next semester's work"... Teachers have listed these into the plan.

At the same time, a considerable proportion of the schools where teachers teach have made arrangements for the summer vacation, including professional training on teaching skills, administrative duty, collective teaching and research exchange activities, home visits, and lesson preparation.

(August 8, "China Education News")

  Although 70% of teachers have summer vacation plans, correspondingly, about 30% of teachers do not have summer vacation plans; and teachers who make summer vacation plans do not account for a high proportion of training and lesson preparation... Some netizens think accordingly Teachers' vacations are not full, and I believe that the education department and schools should find ways to enrich teachers' vacations and give teachers more training, lesson preparation, and home visits.

  Such an idea is unacceptable.

my country's "Teachers Law" stipulates that teachers have the right to "receive wages and remuneration on time, enjoy the welfare benefits stipulated by the state and paid vacations during winter and summer vacations". How to take a vacation.

It should not interfere with how teachers spend their winter and summer vacations, let alone assign administrative tasks to teachers to crowd out teachers' winter and summer vacations.

This will infringe on the legal rights of teachers, increase the burden and job burnout of teachers, and is not conducive to improving the quality of school education.

  In recent years, there has been a voice in the public opinion field that the average salary of teachers is no less than or higher than the average salary of civil servants. Therefore, teachers should no longer enjoy paid vacations during winter and summer vacations, but should take this time. Use it to carry out education and teaching.

The reason why schools have winter and summer vacations is that teachers and students need to adjust their minds and bodies after a long period of teaching and learning.

In addition to school education, students also need family education and social education, and have the time and space to understand the society, contact the society, and develop independently.

Teachers also need to use the winter and summer vacations to relax, recharge and improve according to their own conditions, and welcome the work of the new semester with a fuller mental state.

  At present, there are indeed some areas that rely on schools to carry out summer care services to provide summer activities for students after the "double reduction".

Since most of the school teachers are subject teachers, and the custodial classes cannot carry out subject teaching activities, many custodial classes organized by schools provide basic care services.

In general, the summer care services provided by the school are not very effective.

In summer, students should be given more social education, not school education. When students go to the school's nursing class, they feel that they are still receiving school education.

Summer hosting classes should be led by the community, coordinating resources in the community, and organizing students to carry out a variety of activities.

  There are also many areas where the education departments assign teachers holiday training tasks. This seems to allow teachers to improve their professional skills, but the result is counterproductive.

To make teachers interested in vacation training, on the one hand, teachers should be given the autonomy to choose training, so that teachers can choose the training content they are interested in; Holiday.

More importantly, education departments and schools should pay attention to teachers' educational and teaching ability and teaching contribution through professional evaluation, and guide teachers to combine their own teaching tasks and improve their professional ability.

Teachers will start from the improvement of professional ability and make their own plans.

  Protecting the rights and treatment of teachers in accordance with the law is the basic requirement for strengthening the construction of the teaching staff, and it is also the premise for enhancing the sense of professional honor of teachers.

According to the survey, a considerable proportion of primary and secondary school teachers in my country have a relatively serious sense of job burnout. Not conducive to improving the quality of school education.

"Double reduction" requires school education to improve quality and efficiency. If the characteristics of the teaching profession cannot be respected, teachers' time in school is extended, and teachers' rest and vacation time are shortened, it is likely to go to the opposite side of improving quality and efficiency.