In Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, shipments of chrysanthemums to be offered at Buddhist altars are at their peak ahead of Obon.

At JA Itoshima's shipping site, chrysanthemums are being shipped for the Obon festival.

On the 8th, the selection of yellow chrysanthemums called "Sei no Hotaru", which has larger flowers and a gorgeous impression compared to other varieties, was carried out.

The chrysanthemums are sorted according to the size of the flowers and the state of the leaves, and 200 chrysanthemums are packed into boxes.

In Itoshima City, about 50 farms cultivate chrysanthemums, and about 700,000 chrysanthemums are shipped to Hiroshima Prefecture, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, every year for the Obon Festival.

The planting of chrysanthemums was carried out around February this year, and it is said that the quality is the same as in previous years.

On the other hand, due to the hot weather and little rain this year, the flowering time was delayed and the number of shipments was 10 to 20% less than usual. It means that it is getting higher.

Mr. Tomonori Morimoto of JA Itoshima said, "Producers are working hard to make chrysanthemums even in the hot weather, so I hope you will visit the graves and offer chrysanthemums."