At the bear farm in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, ice cream with apples was presented to newborn cubs this year to help them survive the hot summer.

Every year at this time of year, the Noboribetsu Bear Farm in Noboribetsu gives ice cubes filled with apples to cubs to help them survive the hot summer.

This year was given to four cubs born in January, and when the four cubs received ice from the keepers, they rolled and played and bit.

Since it was summer vacation, the bear farm was crowded with many tourists, and I took pictures of cute bear cubs trying hard to eat apples in the hard ice.

A 5th grade boy from Tokyo said with a smile, "It was cute to see the cubs slowly eating apples."

Also, a woman in her 20s from Chiba Prefecture said, "It was cute to see them desperately eating apples in the ice. Just looking at them made me feel cooler."

Ice gifts for cubs will be given every day until the 14th of this month, and every Saturday and Sunday after that for the rest of the month.