A 93-year-old woman did what young people cannot do (video)

An elderly British woman amazed the world and her story topped the social media platforms, after she took a very dangerous adventure that young people could not, as she tied herself to the wing of a plane and soared in the sky, to prove that nothing can curb the love of adventure and doing good.

Betty Bromridge, 93, carried out her fundraising adventure, finding no difficulty or feeling frightened after hanging herself with ropes above the wing of an airplane.

The scenes quoted by spotnik on the BBC show the retired woman flipping upside down in the sky, suspended by a number of ropes that tied her to the plane's wing.

Bromridge took this adventure as part of a campaign to raise funds for a local hospice.

"I can't do a lot of things, but this is something I can do for charity, and it helps others," she said. "It was the basis of my way of life, to try to help people."

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