Then, we will connect to the weather center at this time to learn more about the current situation and how much more rain will fall in the future.

Sujin Ahn Caster, please tell me. 


It is the most heavy rain ever in the central region.

Inconvenience due to rain on the way to work is expected, so you need to come out a little early.

If you look at the current radar image together, the northern Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon regions are slightly out of the rain clouds.

Currently, there are rain clouds in the central region and Gyeongbuk region.

As the day dawned, the rain got a little weaker, but in Taean, where there are still strong red rain clouds, about 35mm of rain per hour is pouring down.

A heavy rain warning is issued for Incheon, the metropolitan area, and some Gangwon areas, and a heavy rain advisory has been issued for other central and northern and Chungnam areas.

If you look at the amount of rain from yesterday to the present, more than 420mm of rain fell in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, and in Yangpyeong and Incheon, there were also places where the roads were flooded with heavy rains of 200-300mm.

You must not miss the string of tension yet.

By tomorrow, more than 300 mm will fall in the metropolitan area and the inland mountainous areas of Gangwon, 100 to 200 mm in northern Chungcheong and northwest inland, and 50 to 150 mm in the east coast of Gangwon and northern Gyeongsangbuk-do and Chungnam. .

It has already rained a lot yesterday, and accidents have occurred in some places, so you need to be extra careful to prevent further accidents.

In the southern regions where the rain clouds do not reach, the sweltering heat will continue.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)