The 4th type of new corona vaccine in Japan, Novavax, has started on the 7th at the group vaccination venue in Sapporo City.

The vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical company Novavax is made with a different mechanism from Pfizer and Moderna, and it is said that the frequency of adverse reactions is low.

The Novavax vaccine was used from the 7th for the mass vaccination in Sapporo City, and people who had made reservations in advance visited the venue, the Sapporo Medical Association, one after another and completed the vaccination.

The Novavax vaccine is for people 12 years and older for the first and second doses and 18 years and older for the third dose.

At this venue, mass vaccination is scheduled for 8 days in total by the beginning of next month, and about 2000 vaccines are prepared.

A woman in her 50s who received the vaccine said, "I had allergies and refrained from vaccination, but I was relieved to be able to receive it for the first time this time."

Yukio Hosokawa, manager of the Sapporo City Health and Welfare Bureau, said, "There are more types of vaccines, so please take this opportunity to consider vaccination."