China News Service, Ningde, August 7 (Reporter Lv Qiaoqin) At about 21:00 on July 6, a fire broke out in Wan'an Bridge, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province.

The fire notice issued by the Pingnan County official in the early morning of the 7th stated that the open fire had been extinguished, no casualties were reported, and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Fire broke out at Wan'an Bridge in Changqiao Town, Pingnan County.

Photo by Zhong Xin

  Wan'an Bridge is located in Changqiao Village, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County. It is one of the 12 "Northeast Fujian Covered Bridges", which are listed as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. It is a five-pier six-hole wooden arched house bridge.

In the 47th year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, it was burned by fire, and it was rebuilt in the seventh year of Qianlong (1742). After many repairs, it has been preserved to this day.

Data map: Wan'an Bridge, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County.

Photo by Xu Shaohua

  According to local officials, at 21:6:44 on the 6th, the command center of Pingnan County Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the public that Wan'an Bridge was on fire. The local government, public security, and fire rescue brigade immediately organized forces to rush to the scene to carry out rescue. The county's main leaders Arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

The fire was extinguished at 22:45 that night, and no casualties were caused. The attached cultural relics of the Dasheng Temple were not affected. The specific cause of the fire is under investigation.

  At present, Pingnan County has established a disposal working group, which consists of six groups including comprehensive coordination, on-site management and control, fire cause investigation, cultural relics protection and restoration, and discipline supervision, to carry out follow-up disposal work in a comprehensive and orderly manner.

Data map: Wan'an Bridge, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County.

Photo by Xu Shaohua

  The Pingnan County official said that it will focus on the investigation of the cause of the fire and the protection and restoration work, adhere to "quick investigation and quick break", find out the cause of the fire as soon as possible, and strictly investigate the responsibility of the relevant responsible persons; For the restoration work of Onkyo, a restoration plan has been initially drawn up and will be approved according to the procedures.

Data map: Master Huang Chuncai (middle), inheritor of the traditional construction techniques of Wan'an Bridge and the national wooden arch bridge.

Photo by Xu Shaohua

  Pingnan County officials stated that they will carry out self-inspection and rectification in a comprehensive and solid manner, and carry out a special campaign for the inspection and rectification of cultural relics safety in the county. Daily comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, resolutely found, rectified and consolidated, to ensure that hidden dangers are in place and rectified in place; strictly supervise and enforce discipline and accountability, and investigate and deal with the responsibility of staff who are negligent or ineffective in performing their duties.