She wanted revenge on her boyfriend, so she killed 46 people!

A court in Taiwan has sentenced a woman to life imprisonment after she set fire to an apartment building, out of anger at her boyfriend, which left 46 dead and 41 injured, according to the Taiwanese "Focus Taiwan" website. 

On Friday, the Kaohsiung District Court found Huang guilty of arson and negligence resulting in death, and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

Huang Qi Kei wanted to burn her boyfriend's apartment after she suspected his betrayal, so she left a piece of incense that turned into a fire that ate the apartment and spread to the building and burned it completely, while most of the residents were asleep, which led to the killing of 46 people. 

"The defendant had no motive to harm the other residents of the building," the court said in a statement. "The murder did not stand up because it did not intentionally cause" the deaths.

Huang admitted lighting sandalwood incense to repel mosquitoes.

But she made inconsistent statements about what she did before leaving her room, prosecutors said.

She initially claimed that she had thrown the incense in the trash, but later said she had no recollection of what she had done.

The fire highlighted concerns about lax safety standards in Taiwan and exposed poor living conditions for elderly people in a rapidly aging society.

The fire in the city's Yancheng district was the second deadliest building fire in Taiwan after a fire at the Weierkang Club in Taichung that killed 64 people in February 1995.

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