This summer, the popularity of the popular national drama "Basic Law of Genius" continues to rise, making Qingdao the "most photogenic" city.

This dual time and space growth inspirational drama, starred by Lei Jiayin and Zhang Zifeng, has been broadcast on iQiyi platform and eight sets of CCTV.

Up to now, the content popularity value on iQIYI station is as high as 9,000, ranking first in the TV drama hit list.

This drama shows the vitality of Qingdao as an "Internet celebrity city". While enjoying the wonderful plot, the audience also appreciates the beautiful coastal city scenery.

One city completes one drama, watch the "genius" and enjoy the beautiful scenery

  "Basic Law of Genius" tells the inspirational struggle story of Lin Chaoxi (played by Zhang Zifeng), Pei Zhi (played by Zhang Xincheng) and others who regained their love of mathematics and faced the challenges of reality in their journey through parallel worlds.

After his father Lin Zhaosheng (Lei Jiayin) suffered from Alzheimer's disease due to an accidental injury, Lin Zhaoxi and Ji Jiang (Wang Youjun) inadvertently stepped into the parallel world (cheese world) in 2006 and became two orphans.

In order to return to reality (strawberry world), Lin Chaoxi not only resolutely joined hands with Ji Jiang, Pei Zhi and other friends to participate in the Olympiad training camp, but also learned to face the original intention and move forward all the way.

  Audiences who are immersed in the story can also see the beautiful scenery of Qingdao running through.

Blue sea, blue sky and red roofs, the former site of Wanghuo Building with a panoramic view, the romantic and artistic Daxue Road Coffee Street, the "Wu Guo Architecture Museum", the famous Badaguan, the fashionable textile valley of the old factory, cycling and walking to enjoy the whole mountain and sea. The island of Chinese photography, the Gothic architecture of St. Michael's Cathedral, and the slow life of fishing village life.

  Qingdao not only has the reputation of "natural studio", but also has a rich urban culture.

The old town with strong European flavor, the modern new town, the boundless sea and the rich scene elements attract many film and television works to shoot here every year.

Mutual achievements of Oriental Movie Metropolis and innovative themes

  In the play, Zhang Zifeng rides a bicycle through the Ba Daguan surrounded by greenery, and Lei Jiayin eats ice cream and walks the famous street of Daxue Road... The iconic urban landscape of Qingdao is seamlessly integrated with the plot, which undoubtedly adds more "original ecology" to the whole play. "The story scene.

  The old city of Qingdao provides environmental support for the "Cheese World" in the play.

In the scenes of "Zhongzhuxiang" that appeared many times in the play, the neighborhood and the humanistic feelings of the father and daughter displayed in the large courtyard where the Lin family lived were all set off by this narrow alley with a strong sense of age.

  The towering high-rise buildings and city roads add a lot of urban atmosphere to the drama environment.

The characters in the play constantly travel from the "Strawberry World" to the "Cheese World", which makes it more convenient for the crew to select landscape scenes of different styles and eras. surroundings.

  With the follow-up broadcast of the "Basic Law of Genius", it will deepen the reputation of Qingdao as the "Capital of Film and Television".

Previously, iQIYI's TV series "The Wind Rises in Luoyang", "The Mystery of the Octagon Pavilion", "The Rival" and "The World" brought a wave of travel "check-in craze" to Luoyang, Shaoxing, Xiamen, and Changchun respectively, and also made the video. A successful case of the platform's systematic creation of the "city" label.

It proves that the combination of this kind of drama and urban culture can bring new vitality to urban branding.