• An unlucky young girl comes across a black cat that will change her life.

  • "Luck" lifts the veil on the worlds where luck and bad luck develop.

  • This very amusing animated film, produced by John Lasseter, revealed its first images at the Annecy Festival.

He is black and he brings good luck.

Tom, the hero cat of


by Peggy Holmes has it all.

This family animated film available on Apple TV from this Friday and discovered in Annecy, is as fun as it is extremely original.

It tells the story of an unlucky young girl, this cute tomcat, a female dragon, a male unicorn, elves, pigs, vegetables and rabbits living in two very distinct worlds: luck and The bad luck.

What a lasting change of scenery for the viewer for the return to business of John Lasseter, defector from Disney and Pixar, whose benevolent touch we feel.

"He was there at all stages of the creation to give us the benefit of his experience", specifies the scannerist Kiel Murray at

20 Minutes


“The two worlds that separate the lucky and the unlucky are the strength of a story that we wanted to make original,” insists director Peggy Holmes, to whom we owe several adventures of Tinker Bell.

Carried away by well-oiled cogs, the characters see their well-rehearsed lives shattered when their worlds intertwine at the risk of causing the loss of everyone.

"The film shows that you can finally create your own luck if you take your life into your own hands", insists Kiel Murray.

This friendly message takes the form of delirious adventures and breathtaking chases tinged with a good dose of humor.

We are definitely lucky to discover these delirious adventures.


is eaten with immense pleasure.

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