The tropical night continues today (6th), the weekend.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is 27.5 degrees and Gangneung is 30.7 degrees.

As a result, the tropical night in Seoul has been going on for eleven days.

Heavy rain will continue throughout the day.

Seoul will rise to 32 degrees, Cheongju 35 degrees, and Daegu 36 degrees.

The humidity is very high, and the perceived heat will be even worse.

In this sweltering heat, showers will pass across the country today.

Please be careful as it can pour violently at 20~30mm per hour at any time.

There will be a lot of clouds in the sky across the country today, so you need to pay attention to fog centered on the central west coast until morning.

It will be raining all over the country tomorrow.

The rain will continue for a long time in the middle of next week.

(Meteorological Caster Lim Eun-jin)