Since June 2016, La Poste has obtained state approval to operate as an operator of the Highway Code examination.

In Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), it has recently been possible to pass these driving license tests in the main post office in groups of ten people maximum.

Candidates are monitored by a postal employee from Monday to Saturday, says

Le Parisien


35 weekly sessions

Registration for the exam is done either via a driving school or directly on the La Poste site after having compiled a file intended to obtain a harmonized prefectural registration number (NEPH).

It is then possible to choose the place, date and time of the theoretical exam before proceeding to the payment of 30 euros.

During the test, candidates must answer a series of 40 questions on a tablet within a limited time.

The results are sent directly to them by email within two hours.

The theoretical exams for motorcycle and boat licenses are also organized in the same way.


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