During the participation of the "Culture Authority" in the "Smithsonian Festival 2022"

Collectibles from Dubai tell stories in the heart of Washington

  • The Authority presented holdings related to marine navigation and pearl "pools".

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The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) took visitors to the "Smithsonian Festival 2022", which was organized at the National Shopping Center in the American capital, Washington, on an innovative journey to learn about the emirate's heritage and the splendor of its traditions and ancient history, throughout the festival period, which concluded last month.

The Smithsonian Festival - which this year raised the slogan: "The United Arab Emirates .. A vibrant scene and lasting memories" - is one of the most prominent artistic and cultural events in the world, and is organized annually in Washington.

After stopping for two years, this year's festival hosted the UAE, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the UAE Embassy in the United States, with the participation of 80 artists from the country.

The festival's schedule celebrated the heritage and Emirati identity, and the country's cultural, artistic and creative achievements, highlighting its role and position in hosting many prestigious cultural events that gather the world and its intellectuals on its land.

The participation of "Dubai Culture" included a presentation of a traditional Emirati sailboat from the collections of the Authority, as well as a group of heritage collectibles belonging to the Al Shindagha Museum, which were loaned for the purposes of participating in the festival, as well as content related to marine navigation and "pearl sinks", and participation in presenting lectures and performances. Nahmat and Shalat Bahriya (the songs of the sea that accompanied the diving trips).

The Authority also provided festival visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the ancestors' creation of the "Al-Durour" map, which was a reference for forecasting weather conditions by knowing the locations of the stars, and highlighted the emirate's efforts to preserve and preserve the Emirati cultural heritage through generations.

For her part, Director of Al Shindagha Neighborhood and Director of Heritage Sites Department in charge of Dubai Culture, Maryam Al Tamimi, said that "(the authority) is keen to celebrate Emirati culture and heritage, and spares no effort to spread Dubai's cultural heritage in the world, in order to enhance the emirate's footprint. culture in international forums, and consolidating its position as a global center for culture.”

She added: "Dubai is a vibrant city, and provides its residents and visitors with unique experiences to learn about its distinctive heritage and ancient historical origins. Participation in the festival was an opportunity to promote Al Shindagha Museum, as a major cultural attraction in the emirate, which contributes to revitalizing cultural tourism in it."

This came within the framework of cooperation between the Shindagha Museum and the Smithsonian Institution, which stems from the authority’s belief in the importance of intercultural communication and building distinguished international partnerships that contribute to supporting the creative economy and contributing to the national economy.

Dubai Culture is the government agency entrusted with preserving and disseminating Dubai's rich heritage, nurturing creative talent, and supporting cultural diversity in the emirate, which contributes to empowering the cultural and creative sector as a tributary to the local economy, and enhancing Dubai's position as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a forum for talent.

Dubai Culture's vision stems from its strategy roadmap, which is in harmony with the "Dubai Creative Economy Strategy", which aims to make the emirate a global capital of the creative economy.

Explore the beautiful past

Al Shindagha Museum is the largest heritage museum in Dubai, as it provides its visitors with a trip to explore the hidden heritage of the beautiful past, and see pages of social and economic life in this ancient region, through a group of historical houses that have been turned into wings in the museum that include the latest interactive display technologies, including The Al Maktoum House, the Perfume House, the Marine Life Pavilion, in addition to the Children’s Pavilion and other events for the whole family.

The participation of "Dubai Culture" in the festival included a display of a traditional Emirati sailboat from the collections of the Authority, as well as a group of heritage items belonging to the Al Shindagha Museum.

Maryam Al-Tamimi:

"(The Authority) is keen to celebrate Emirati culture and heritage, and spares no effort to spread the legacy of (Dubai's cultural) in the world, in order to enhance the emirate's cultural footprint in international forums, and consolidate its position as a global center for culture."

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