There was a police uniform hanging beside Dilinur Bahiti's bed all the time. There was no police horn and no police rank, but she always felt that there was still warmth, as if her father was still there.

  Five years ago, the owner of the clothes, Baheti Sharbek, the former captain of the State Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of the 13th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, collapsed on the job after 31 hours of continuous work. Then save it.

  That year, Dili Nur was preparing for the college entrance examination, standing at the crossroads of his life.

The sudden change made her grow up overnight. She gave up her dream of music and the admission opportunity of Xi'an Conservatory of Music. After a year of re-study, she applied for the police academy. Following her father's footsteps, she embarked on the road to the police.

  "When I grow up, I also become you." Today, the young girl has grown into a policeman, and the sealed siren will be restarted after five years.

Police number 130285 has a second life, and continues to flash on the chest of this girl who looks like her father.

  The father of "not at home" and the Pakistani team who have always been there

  130285, this string of numbers is all too familiar to Dillinur Bahiti, a siren that once belonged to her father Bahiti Shalbek.

  On the morning of March 28, 2022, in front of the office building of the Public Security Bureau of Hami Reclamation District, more than 40 public security officers dressed in uniform, lined up in two square teams, and witnessed a ceremony for the succession of police horns.

"The 13th Division Public Security Bureau, the second-level hero, the siren of Bahiti Sharbek has been restarted, and her daughter will inherit..." Five years later, when the string of silver sirens was worn on his chest, Dili was strong. Shinobi tears rolled down his cheeks.

  If Bahiti was still there, he would definitely give his daughter a big hug and say in her ear, "Stinky girl, I knew you could do it."

  Baheti often mentions her daughter, and when she talks about her progress in her studies, her face shows undisguised joy, her intonation improves, and she speaks much faster.

Dili Nur also talked about his father, but he often asked, "Why hasn't my father come back?"

  As a people's policeman, busyness is the norm in Bahiti.

When Di Linuer woke up in the morning, what he saw was either an empty bed, or his father who went straight to the bathroom to wash up and go to work without eating. I could only see my father for a day or two here; when I was at home, I might pick up a phone call and leave like a gust of wind.

  But his colleague Wang Yusong could always hear "Bag" mopping the floor early in the morning.

After 8:00 in the morning, more than an hour before going to work, there will be footsteps of "dong, dong, dong" in the office. Wang Yusong, who lives upstairs in the office, follows the sound and can see Bahiti rolling up his sleeves. , holding the bucket in one hand and the dripping mop in the other, back and forth without letting go of a corner.

  Wang Yusong couldn't grab Bahiti's mop. He always put his arm horizontally and said with a smile, "Xiao Wang, no need, no need, whoever comes first will mop it!"

  In the eyes of colleagues, Bahiti is like a "big brother".

Wang Yusong, who is currently the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Balikun Reclamation District, and Shao Xinwang, who is currently the leader of the National Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Hami Reclamation District, were new police officers in 2009, and they met Baheti for the first time at the new police joining ceremony.

  They remembered that the 38-year-old Kazakh elder brother was strong, 1.8 meters tall, with thick and vigorous hands, and shook hands with the newcomers one by one with a smile. This was Shao Xinwang's initial impression of Baheti.

After getting acquainted with him, Shao Xinwang's name for Baheti changed from "Basquan" to "Bage", and Baheti sometimes teased his little apprentice, "Which Bage are you talking about, the kind of black guy who can talk bird?"

  Bahiti is a humorous person with a smile on his face.

Di Linuer said that his father's smile seemed to have a kind of magic power. "As long as you see your father's smile, even if you are in a bad mood, you will be instantly healed."

  Wang Yusong and Baheti worked together for half a year at the Red Star Police Station in Balikun Kazakh Autonomous County. At that time, the Red Star Police Station was established soon, and there were only four policemen in the station, and Baheti went to guide the work.

Every policeman has multiple roles, "community policemen, household registration policemen, and criminal policemen must all do it", and often go deep into pastoral areas to handle cases.

  Walking in the mountains, without going to the village or the store, it takes a long time to handle a case. Wang Yusong, who was still young at the time, was always worried, "What should I do if I can't go home." Baheti raised his hand and followed the direction of the finger. Seeing the puddles on the ground and the herdsmen's sheepfold, Baheti's "solution" blurted out, "If you are thirsty, scoop up water, and if you are sleepy, hold the sheep and sleep."

  Do mass work, Bahiti has a very good way.

No matter in the middle of the night or in the daytime, as long as there is a call, Bahiti will always rush to the scene, and most of them are trivial matters such as husband and wife quarrels and noise disturbance, but he is never annoying, and he always smiles when mediating conflicts. He looked like, listened to the complaints from this side, and then persuaded the other side. After chatting and chatting, he started to talk and laugh, and the problem was solved naturally.

  Therefore, Baheti has a high prestige among the masses.

A villager walked into the police station, opened his mouth and asked, "Is Baheti there?" He turned his head and left when he found out that he was not there. Wang Yusong chased after him and said, "You can talk to me." He turned to look at Wang Yusong, "I won't tell you!"

  Baheti taught Wang Yusong the experience of communicating with the masses.

He will also tell Han colleagues how to communicate with the Kazakh people, and act as a translator when communicating to help them better integrate into the local area.

  He was almost "long" in the office.

Bahiti is never absent on weekdays. Even if he is not on duty on weekends, he will walk into the office with mutton jerky and yogurt lumps and ask, "Is there any situation today?" After finishing the record, go home.

When you are sleepy, light a cigarette to refresh yourself.

In the morning, the cigarette butts in the ashtray piled up into a hill, and he didn't have time to go home, so he wiped his face and continued to work.

  Many times, what Bahiti left to his family was just a hurrying back.

But the "Ba team" has always been there.

  Worked 31 hours straight and he never woke up again

  No one would have thought that Baheti, who looked strong and energetic, would suddenly collapse.

  Dili Nur last saw his dad on May 8, 2017.

As usual, Bahiti put on a black police T-shirt, police pants, and a dark blue jacket. He said "I'm going to work" to his family and went out, but this time he never came back.

  Wang Yusong remembered that on the morning of May 9, Baheti was on duty in the Eighth Company of Hongshan Farm for 24 hours. He should have gone home to rest. However, the fire broke out in the herdsmen's house that morning. Taken from the fire.

  After putting out the fire, he went to the Dongluo Dam a few kilometers away for reinforcement work.

At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, when Hami was the hottest time of the day, he was pulling a half-fist-sized screw with a wrench.

After 31 hours of continuous work, coupled with the hot weather, Baheti's eyes went dark and he collapsed on the work site.

  Baheti was pushed into the operating room and then sent to the ICU. His condition was good and bad. Dili Nur and his mother had been staying in the ward, waiting for a miracle.

A week later, when she heard the news of her father's transfer to another hospital, hope arose in her heart, and she went home and made her father's favorite milk tea.

  But the warm milk tea did not wait for the person who had a drink.

On May 17, 2017, Baheti died of an ineffective rescue at the age of 47.

  For the next few days, Dili Nur closed himself in the room. There was no laughter and singing from his father, no noise from his parents, and the silence was terrifying.

  In the past, Bahiti was busy, but he never missed his daughter's growth and always tried his best to accompany him.

  He and his daughter had an agreement that every year on Children's Day on June 1, no matter how busy he was, he would come to accompany her.

On the Children's Day of the fourth grade of primary school, Dili Nur did not see his father, thinking that his father had broken his promise, sitting alone on the bed, the more he thought about it, the more aggrieved.

  That afternoon, my father drove home in a muddy police car.

After staying with her for more than an hour, she left in a hurry.

Later, she heard from her mother that her father couldn't come back, so she finally asked for leave from the team just to fulfill the agreement.

  Occasionally there are quarrels due to busyness.

When the husband and wife are busy at work, who will take care of the daughter becomes the fuse, but Bahiti is always the one who apologizes first after arguing. He called his wife: "Don't be angry, go back to make dumplings at night. "

  Baheti’s favorite food is dumplings. He prefers the atmosphere where the family sits together and makes dumplings. His family of three calls his brothers and sisters together, which often turns into a family gathering. From the traditional Kazakh folk song "Swallow".

  Gradually, Dili Nur also learned this song, and occasionally hummed a few words. When Bahiti heard it, he always wanted to sing together. He sang and sang. He took Di Li Nuer's hand. There was dancing in the living room.

  The original enlightener and biggest supporter of Dili Nur's musical dream was his father.

"Dad told me to do what I wanted to do and he would support me as always."

  With the encouragement of his father, Dili Nur picked up his dream and went to Urumqi to study music.

During the year of studying abroad, she completed the joint entrance examination and the school examination of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, and passed the professional course assessment. As long as she passes the cultural course, she can be admitted.

  On the day she got the results, she cried and called her father.

Over the phone, Bahiti praised her with a smile: "Stinky girl, I knew you could do it." This was the last call she had with her father.

  follow in father's footsteps

  Di Linuer hung the police uniform that her father often wears by the bedside. There was no police number or rank. It seemed that there was still some warmth, which made her think that her father just went to work.

  But when the door of the office was opened, Di Linuer could no longer see his father who was working hard at the desk, nor could he wait for his father's big hug and the intimacy game of biting ears between father and daughter.

  In that room less than 30 square meters, there is only one desk, one chair, one single bed and one brazier.

The yellow light bulb emits dim light, the cement floor is dusty, the white wall is rubbed with a few black marks, the documents on the desk are scattered, and in the middle of the table, there is a photo of Dili Nuer, as if everything is normal.

  "Everything is there, people are gone." The police uniform hanging on the bed has become Dili Nur's biggest sustenance.

  At the end of July 2017, more than two months after his father's death, Dili Nur received a call from Xi'an Conservatory of Music, and the other party said that as long as he applied for the exam, he would be admitted.

But she hesitated. For some reason, the shadow of her father always appeared in her mind, and she muttered in her heart: "It's better to be a policeman."

  Having a father who was a police officer was once Dili Nur's greatest pride.

In elementary school, every day after school, she would rush to the police station opposite the school to find her father, holding his hand and standing at the school gate, showing off her father's police uniform, and telling her little friends, "My father is a policeman!"

  There was also a time when Di Linuer said angrily because his father was too busy with work and had no time to accompany him. He said in a fit of anger, "You can't be a policeman if you kill him." ?"

  Being a police officer, an option she had never considered before, lingered in her mind.

Di Linuer understands that this choice means that she will miss out on her dream of music, that she has to re-enter high school and face the rigorous training of the police academy, and that her future work and life will be full of hard work and busyness, just like her father Same.

  like father.

She put on her father's police uniform hanging by the bed, and in a trance, the tall man in the mirror overlapped with her father's shadow, and she seemed to hear his father say, "Stinky girl, I knew you could do it. "

  Dili Nur decided to follow his heart and follow in his father's footsteps.

In the year she repeated her studies, she often stayed up late into the night. Whenever she couldn't stay up, she looked up at the police uniform by the bedside and the printed black and white police badge on the desk.

The following year, she received an admission notice for the criminal investigation major of Xinjiang Police College.

  Life at the police academy is more difficult and harsh than Dillinul imagined.

During the month of military training for the new students, they have to run 10 kilometers in the morning, rest for half an hour, run 5 kilometers after breakfast, and stand in a military posture facing the sun for two hours.

The playground was bare and uncovered. In September, the temperature in Hami could reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The concrete floor was even hotter. I was occasionally "tortured" and cried. Tears mixed with sweat stabbed my eyes. I dare not close my eyes.

  At 8:30 every night, there is also a simulated combat training.

Dili Nur quickly rolled up the three-layer quilt on the bed and put it in the roll bag and carried it to her body. She picked up the thermos and small bench and ran to the playground to gather. For the next hour or so, she would crawl forward with these things on her back.

After a month, I wore more than a dozen sets of training clothes, and the clothes at the knees and elbows were worn with large and small holes, and my body was often blue and purple.

  Some people can't stand such high-intensity training and drop out of school, and Dili Nur has also been shaken.

In difficult days, it was her father's words "Stinky girl, I knew you could do it" who supported her.

  When he left home for school, Dili Nuer took one of his father's favorite shirts with him.

In order to prevent her father's smell from dissipating, she wrapped it tightly in two plastic bags, took it out and put it under the pillow when she went to bed at night, and carefully folded it in the closet in the morning.

  Finally, she also has her own police uniform.

On the first day I went home in a police uniform, my mother was stunned as soon as she opened the door, her smile solidified on her face, and a few seconds later, she burst into tears, "I thought your dad came back."

Dili Nur, who was wearing a police uniform, looked like Baheti. He was tall and tall, with a face like that and even his hair was short. "It's like my father was standing there in the mirror when I was young."

  "You and your dad are really alike"

  At work, Dili Nur also looks like Baheti.

  After graduation, Dili Nur was assigned to the Public Security Bureau of Hami Reclamation District. Now her master is Shao Xinwang, a former apprentice of her father.

Shao Xinwang has taken care of this "girl from the Pakistani team" and has higher requirements, "You are the daughter of a hero, and you can adapt to the job faster than others."

  During the interrogation, Shao Xinwang always took Di Linuer to watch, even at three or four in the morning.

Dili Nur also inevitably lived a "continuous" life.

  Before going to work in the morning, she habitually brings a large bag of "milk pimples" from home, which is also her father's favorite snack.

When I get sleepy, I put one in my mouth. At night, a big bag of "milk pimples" is almost eaten up.

If you are still sleepy, stand up, wash your face with cold water, and make yourself a cup of coffee.

  Staying up too much at night, Dili's eyes are often red when working hard.

When she was at her busiest, she sat in front of the computer, "watching the screen turn in front of her eyes, and the words on the screen were flying." After typing the words for a while, she would hang down, and suddenly woke up the next second.

In order not to fall asleep, I could only drink cup after cup of coffee. Before I knew it, the trash can was filled with used coffee cups, just like the ashtray on my father's desk was always full of cigarette butts.

  The time to go home is getting late.

Sometimes I open the door after 11 o'clock in the evening, yawn and go straight to the bathroom. After a simple wash, I slump on the sofa and look at my mobile phone. I put my feet on the armrests, and shake while playing. Da Liang, the police uniform did not take off.

  The mother couldn't bear to wake her up, she just stood quietly and said, "You and your father are really alike."

  This daughter, who looks very much like her father, has inherited her father's warning sign five years after her father's sacrifice.

Now the number "130285" is worn on Dili Nuer's chest.

  After she became a police officer, Di Linuer realized how difficult it was to be patient and peaceful in the arduous and trivial work, and she also understood more about the pressure on her father in the past.

  The 24-year-old Dili Nur has a goal. She wants to be like her father in 15 years-to truly serve the masses and truly gain the approval of the masses. "Wearing my father's siren, I feel that he has always been by my side. , no matter what I do, I will do my best to not discredit the siren on my chest."

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