"In my eyes, Ni Kuang is a simple, kind, and curious person. He always has a smile on his face, like a naughty child who brings happiness to the world." Recently, the famous science fiction writer and screenwriter Ni Kuang passed away, actress Lin Qingxia Write an article in condolences.

Brigitte Lin used several interesting things to outline a cute and wise Ni Kuang.

Brigitte Lin has many friends in the cultural circle and the film and television circle. The interesting stories of these friends provide rich material for Brigitte Lin, who writes deeply in prose. She uses light words to write out the characteristics of each friend.

  In the article "Naughty Child Ni Kuang", Brigitte Lin said that she and Ni Kuang officially knew each other by recording the "Undefended Tonight" program hosted by Huang Zhan, Ni Kuang, and Cai Lan, and every time she met with Ni Kuang after that, it was full of fun.

For example, once they met, Huang Zhan, Brigitte Lin, Tang Lanhua and Ni Kuang waited for a drink at a bar: "Huang Zhan tried his best to say 'Brigitte Lin is really beautiful' after drinking. Ni Kuang insisted on his own opinion, 'I think Tang Lanhua is beautiful', the two If there is no standoff, no one will let anyone." More than 20 years later, Brigitte Lin mentioned the matter with Ni Kuang again, and Ni Kuang said, "Both are great beauties, how can Huang Zhan only praise one!" Brigitte Lin said that Ni Kuang is very humorous , Some trivial things that are not funny become very interesting after he talks about them. For example, Ni Kuang joked that the house he lived in was too small, and would say, "The house is small, and it is easy to support the wall when you fall."

Brigitte Lin began to write, and asked people to read articles for suggestions everywhere. Ni Kuang sincerely praised Brigitte Lin for "there are only two kinds of articles, one is good-looking and the other is not good-looking", and Brigitte's articles are "good-looking".

  Brigitte Lin is good at making friends in the film and television circles and cultural circles. She loves reading and writing. She observes life meticulously. The people and things around her have become the protagonists of her writing.

Lin Qingxia began to publish articles in newspapers and magazines in 2004, and successively published collections of essays such as "Inside the Window", "Clouds Going to the Clouds", "Before the Mirror" and "Behind the Mirror". Zhan, Leslie Cheung, Qiong Yao, Tsui Hark and others interacted with each other, and some articles recalled the story of her filming.

Brigitte Lin easily and fluently wrote prose, vivid and revealing her true feelings.

  Since the age of 17, Brigitte Lin has continuously filmed more than a dozen film and television works such as "Outside the Window" and "I Am a Cloud" created by writer Qiong Yao. Some people say that Qiong Yao created these characters for Lin Qingxia. Lin Qingxia explained that she just fits the character image written by Qiong Yao. .

In the eyes of Brigitte Lin at the time, Qiong Yao "always had long hair pulled back, neatly falling on her straight back, always a small floral top with a pair of trousers".

Lin Qingxia said that Qiong Yao wrote the thoughts of boys and girls, and she was always elegant.

  Sanmao's script "Rolling Red Dust" was created for Brigitte Lin, and Brigitte Lin's Sanmao is an amorous and romantic woman, sensitive and delicate. Brigitte Lin was completely attracted by the charm of Sanmao.

Teresa Teng written by Brigitte Lin is also "mysterious": "If you don't want to be disturbed, you can't contact her." Brigitte Lin said that Teresa Teng sings to pursue perfection and keep improving, but what she feels when she gets along with Teresa is her loneliness.

  Lin Qingxia, who went to Hong Kong to make a movie alone, was very lonely in her heart. Once, she took a ride with Leslie Cheung to film a movie. Leslie Cheung asked Lin Qingxia if she was doing well. Lin Qingxia's tears rolled down, Leslie was silent for a few seconds, and hugged her shoulders. Said: "I will be good to you." Brigitte Lin recalled the impression that Leslie Cheung left on herself with infinite sadness. Lin Qingxia, who was also lonely, understood Leslie Cheung's heart best.

Huang Zhan, the songwriter written by Brigitte Lin, is a person who is always laughing, heroic and empathetic. pass it on to a friend".

  Brigitte Lin and art stylist Zhang Shuping have been friends for many years. Brigitte Lin's appearances at the peak of her appearance in movies such as "Evil in the East", "The Swordsman in New Shushan", "Six Fingers", "Chongqing Forest" and "New Dragon Inn" are all from Zhang Shuping.

Brigitte Lin's Zhang Shuping is a patient with social phobia. As soon as he arrives at awards and entertainment occasions, he is overwhelmed. The places he doesn't want to wait disappear without a trace. If he has to come out, get himself half-drunk first.

"I didn't talk much and didn't laugh when I came out, as if the whole world had offended him." Brigitte Lin thinks that the acquaintance between the two was a fate from a previous life: "All the big stars and beauties love him, but I'm sorry, I'm his favorite."

  Director Wong Kar-wai is famous for his rigorous and "slow" filmmaking, and star Brigitte Lin also suffered from his torture.

The most classic segment of "Evil and Poison in the West", Brigitte Lin switches back and forth between Murong Yan and Murong Yan, telling about her hurt heart, and finally talking about her eyes being distracted, heartbroken, and hopeless.

Brigitte Lin said that she played all night in a small hole where lights and cigarettes were put out, and she almost suffocated. At dawn, Wong Kar-wai asked to do it again, because Brigitte Lin was "going crazy" at this time, and Wong Kar-wai was waiting to shoot Brigitte Lin's madness. Feel.

At that time, Lin Qingxia didn't understand why Wong Kar-wai didn't give the actor a script, why he wanted to disintegrate the actor's confidence, and cut the scenes that had been filmed so hard. It was not until she started writing articles that she realized that only after "writing" did she know what the drama should be. How to go on, and facing the things that were photographed, Wong Kar-wai was like a sculpture, removing the excess and leaving the essence behind.

Lin Qingxia said that she met such a director: "I have less regrets and more joy."

  In Lin Qingxia's book, she writes about others, and others also write about her.

Writer Bai Xianyong said that Lin Qingxia is actually not "cold" at all, "is a very warm and considerate person".

Brigitte Lin asked Bai Xianyong about writing skills, but Bai Xianyong only said "write what's in your heart".

Bai Xianyong's evaluation of "Inside the Window and Outside the Window" is: "The greatest feeling the book gives people is Brigitte Lin's kindness and warmth to people." Bai Xianyong sighed: "Acting career is fickle, sometimes it can't help but make people feel like a dream in the mirror and the red building. How deep is an actor's inner strength and concentration to support her against the passage of time."

  Time flies, and the beauty is getting old, but Brigitte Lin found a peach blossom garden for herself to write and publish books, not only left a peerless screen image, but also left a sincere and emotional text.

In Lin Qingxia's article, we can feel that she really likes to write prose.

Writing Huang Zhan's tribute is her maiden work, and she was trembling when it was published.

She asks people for advice and writing tips everywhere. Because she loves writing, and it is Dong Qiao, Ma Jiahui and other cultural celebrities who give her advice, Brigitte Lin's prose writing skills are getting deeper and deeper.

The second book "Clouds Going to Clouds" is more emotional and easy to control than the first book "Inside the Window and Outside the Window".

Regarding Brigitte Lin's writing, Dong Qiao described it as "the occasional flash of inspiration between the lines and even gave me continuous comfort".

  Brigitte Lin said in the article that she was so addicted to writing that she was so obsessed with herself: "One time, when I got home, I suddenly got an inspiration. I immediately fell on the table to write, and it was not until dawn that I realized that I had not taken off my makeup." Lin Qingxia's daughter said that she used to She went back to her room to sleep one night, and until she came home from school the next day, Brigitte Lin sat in the same position and wrote the same article.

But Brigitte Lin often worries about lack of inspiration for writing.

At this time, she is glad that she doesn't have to rely on writing to eat, "How can I support my family for less than a dollar a word".

  Shi Wenjing