Six elementary school children in Kawasaki City were stabbed by a bee while studying outside the school and were taken to a hospital.

The symptoms are mild in both cases, but the prefecture is calling attention to the fact that the aggression of bees will increase in the summer when the temperature is high.

Around 10 am on the 7th, a teacher at Higashiikuta Elementary School in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City reported to the fire department that "six third grade men and women were stabbed by bees."

The ambulance crew rushed to the hospital and took them to the hospital, but none of them had any symptoms of allergies, and they returned home with their families.

According to the Kawasaki City Board of Education, at that time it was a comprehensive study time, and I went to the nearby mountains and divided into multiple groups to observe nature, so I do not know the type of bee. ..

According to the Kanagawa Prefectural Livestock Division, the aggression of bees increases as the temperature rises, and the number of cases of bees being stabbed increases, so we are calling for caution if you see bees flying.