An ordinance to promote the creation of a society that respects sexual diversity, including prohibition of discriminatory treatment of sexual minorities, was passed and passed at the Saitama Prefectural Assembly held on the 7th.

This ordinance was proposed by the Liberal Democratic Party prefectural assembly to promote the creation of a society that respects the understanding of sexual minorities such as LGBTQ and sexual diversity, and was in favor of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly plenary session on the 7th. It was passed and passed.

The ordinance stipulates that the basic philosophy is that we must create a society in which all people can live with peace of mind and respect for sexual diversity in every place.

On that basis , regarding sexual orientation and self-identification of sexuality,

▽ prohibition of unfair discriminatory treatment on the grounds,

▽ not to force or prohibit to express,

▽ others arbitrarily It states that the "outing" to be exposed should not be done without good reason.

In addition, we request the prefecture to ▽

disseminate necessary enlightenment and systems,

▽ establish a consultation system, and ▽

to give reasonable consideration to sexual diversity in the projects conducted by the prefecture. I am.

There are no penalties in the ordinance, but we are requesting the citizens of the prefecture and businesses to deepen their understanding and cooperate with the measures of the prefecture.

Governor Ohno of Saitama Prefecture said, "I think it is a human rights issue that should be dealt with immediately in an era where diversity is respected. In cooperation with municipalities and related organizations so that sexual minorities can play an active role with hope. I want to work sincerely. "