On the 5th, two ships of the China Marine Police Bureau that invaded Japan's territorial waters off the coast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture left the territorial waters on the night of the 7th, but this invasion of the territorial waters continued for more than 64 hours, 10 It has been the longest since the government nationalized the Senkaku Islands a year ago.

The Japan Coast Guard continues to be vigilant not to invade the territorial waters again.

According to the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, after 4:30 am on the 5th, two vessels of the Chinese Maritime Police Department invaded the territorial waters of Japan off the coast of Uotsuri Island in the Senkaku Islands and continued to sail to approach Japanese fishing vessels. I was there.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, after that, the two vessels left the territorial waters one after another at around 8:50 pm on the 7th, as the fishing vessels moved away from the surrounding waters.

The invasion of the territory lasted for more than 64 hours and 15 minutes, surpassing the longest record of about 64 hours from 21st to 23rd last month, the longest since the government nationalized the Senkaku Islands 10 years ago. ..

The Japan Coast Guard Headquarters warns against invading the territorial waters again and continues to be vigilant.