Japan Post has decided to tighten the procedure for identity verification to prevent crimes due to spoofing regarding the notification of moving to transfer mail to a new address.

Japan Post provides a service to forward the mail that arrived at the previous address to the new address for one year only if you submit a move notification to the post office.

However, it has been pointed out that the procedure for identity verification is inadequate in a series of cases of misuse for crimes, such as submitting a move-in notification by impersonating the person and receiving mail from another person.

For this reason, Japan Post will introduce a mechanism to have you send a copy of your driver's license and other documents to verify your identity when you submit your move-in notification by mail from 19th of this month.

It is already necessary to show a driver's license etc. at the post office window or the Internet, and Japan Post says, "By requesting the presentation of identity verification documents in all procedures for notification of relocation, it will lead to deterrence of misuse of the service. I thought about it and changed the operation. "