The biggest challenge for actor Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut, 'The Hunt,' was casting.

He worked hard to perfect the casting that was perfect for the story and character.

The casting of his 23-year-old best friend Jung Woo-sung was the most important, and the casting of supporting roles in other key roles was also important.

None of it was easy.

Director Lee Jung-jae said, "When proposing a role, I suggested casting considering the actor's natural color as well as the acting he wants to see from the fan's point of view. Thank you," he said.

Jung Woo-seong, who met in one work for the first time in 23 years after 'No Sun', said, "I was half joking and half serious, I declined four times. There was also expectation for a two-shot with actor Lee Jung-jae, but working together has meaning only for us. It shouldn't have happened. That's why I gave him a lot of cool advice." 

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Heo Seong-tae, who made a relationship with director Lee Jung-jae through the Netflix original series 'Squid Game', said, "I was interested in the development of the scenario for 'Hunt'," and explained why he decided to appear.

Jeon Hye-jin also emphasized her charm for her screenplay.

At the same time, she said, "There was a fan's feeling that Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung could see these two on the same screen," he said. 

Newcomer Yoon-Jeong Ko said, "After meeting with the director several times, I came to understand the meaning of the scenario and was able to interpret it in a fresh way."

As he is about to make his first screen debut through 'Hunt', he is attracting attention as it will inject energy into the play.

The actors gathered for 'The Hunt' went through a meticulous analysis and preparation process to vividly embody their characters.

Director Lee Jung-jae explained, "I focused on the psychological portrayal that can be confirmed with the naked eye," explained Park Pyung-ho, who has a straight figure, cool determination, and excellent leadership, but also harbors an inner conflict.

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Jung Woo-seong, who plays the role of Kim Jeong-do, the deputy head of the domestic team that tracks the spy 'Dong-rim', said, "I created character emotions by imagining the conflict and pain that the character had."

Jeon Hye-jin, who played the ace of the overseas team, Ark Ark, who has excellent investigative power and quick intelligence, said, "I tried not to lose the joy because I am a character who enjoys work," she added, adding to the expectations for the new character.

Here, Heo Seong-tae had an in-depth discussion with director Lee Jung-jae to play Jang Cheol-seong, Kim Jeong-do's right-hand man, and lost 15 kg of weight.

Go Yun-jeong, who plays Jo Yoo-jeong, a college student who is confused by a spy-searching operation in the play, is also rumored to have been discussing and analyzing with director Lee Jung-jae for a long time to create a character.

'The Hunt' (Director Lee Jung-jae) is an espionage action that unfolds in the face of a huge incident called 'Korea's No. 1 Assassination Operation' in which National Security Agency agents Park Pyong-ho (Lee Jung-jae) and Kim Jeong-do (Jung Woo-seong), who are suspicious of each other in order to find a hidden spy in the organization, face a huge incident. The drama will be released on August 10th.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)