Two grandmothers arrested for a two-year-old girl who was left behind in a housing complex in Tondabayashi, Osaka, died of heat stroke from two days before the girl's death around Universal Studios Japan. Interviews with investigators revealed that he was suspected of staying at a hotel.

The two initially explained to the investigation that they had gone out the morning of the incident, and police are investigating the details.

Last month, Yuyo Ono (2), who lives in a housing complex in Tondabayashi City, died of heat stroke, and his grandmother Mayu Ono (46) and Takanori Momoda (50), who live together, died. Was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the protection officer for leaving Yuyo-chan and going out.

According to police, the two arrested initially explained to the investigation that they had gone out around 5 am on the day of the incident and "went to Universal Studios Japan," and Momoda said, "Before that. I also went to Nara. "

However, no evidence of heading toward Nara was confirmed, and police investigated and suspected that the two had been staying at a hotel near Universal Studios Japan two days before the day Yuyo died. I found out by interviewing the investigators.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the details of the fact that Yuyo-chan and Ono's four 15-year-old sons are believed to have been left in the housing complex room.