Kumamoto City's vaccine maker, KM Biologics, announced the preliminary results of clinical trials for the new coronavirus vaccine under development, and submitted an application for approval to the government in September, saying that sufficient efficacy can be expected. Announced to do.

The new corona vaccine developed by KM Biologics is a type of "inactivated vaccine" that eliminates the virulence of the virus, unlike the ones that have been put into practical use in Japan.

The preliminary results of clinical trials conducted on about 2000 people since October last year were announced on the 6th.

According to this, the target value of "neutralizing antibody" that suppresses the action of the virus after three inoculations was the target value for about 120 people aged 18 to 40 years who were the subjects of the efficacy analysis. Sufficient effectiveness can be expected, such as rising above.

Regarding safety, only 0.1% of the respondents reported that adverse reactions such as fever and malaise had an effect on their daily lives, confirming the same level of safety as the influenza vaccine.

In response to this result, the company will apply for approval to the national government in September, aiming to start supply within the fiscal year.

Toshiaki Nagasato, president of KM Biologics, said, "We would like to improve the inoculation rate of the younger generation by putting a different type of vaccine into practical use, suppress infection, and contribute to the normalization of social life."