We now know a little more about Woody Allen's next project.

And it would seem that the film is 100% French.

It was in the pages of the

Journal du Dimanche

that the American filmmaker announced that he wanted to move to Paris next September to start working on his next film.

This thriller, which in addition to being shot in the capital, will be in French, and interpreted entirely by French actors and actresses.

“It will be a poisonous romantic thriller in the vein of

Match Point

(…) It will be my 50th film.

It may be the last, ”he told the



The last time Woody Allen filmed in France was for Midnight in Paris in 2011, and the film won him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


Although Woody Allen's career has been damaged by the incest allegations made by Dylan Farrow, nothing can apparently prevent the filmmaker from making films.

If no American studio has committed to financing the project, it has received support from foreign producers, specifies the director, without disclosing where the money comes from.

Asked by the


about how the accusations affected his career, Woody Allen in any case confided that he would never stop writing.

It remains to be seen whether his projects will be brought to the screen.

“I am an author and no one can prevent me from writing, and therefore from working.

It is the guarantee of my freedom and my independence,” he concluded.


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