• A pandemic is blowing a wind of panic in Taiwan where zombies hungry for sex and human flesh hunt down the population.

  • The gore film "The Sadness" offers an extreme experience that scandalized the Gérardmer Festival with its violence and macabre eroticism.

We are not going to tell stories:

The Sadness

by Robert Jabbaz is not to be put in front of everyone's eyes.

This Taiwanese zombie film, which caused a scandal at the Gérardmer Festival, did not steal its ban on children under 16!

Not only is it gorissime but it presents the living dead whose overflowing libido presents sequences to be reserved for the well-tempered souls.

"Imagine a kind of inner rage that would not stop growing in your mind, until one day, a virus appears that allows you to let everything out, and allows you to satisfy all your unacknowledged urges", explains the director in the press kit.

That's what the movie's zombies do when hit by a mysterious virus.

Sex freaks and sadists

We are far from

The Night of the Living Dead


28 Days After


Last Train to Busan

or the

Walking Dead

series that

The Sadness

would pass for bluettes!

Here, the creatures take sadistic pleasure in committing their crimes.

Their laughing air is well made to haunt the nightmares of the viewer flabbergasted by so much violence.

Fans of extreme cinema will, on the other hand, be at the party, discovering sexual orgies, mutilations of all kinds and gastronomy based on more or less appetizing victims.

The whole thing quickly turned into a farce with its excesses and macabre sense of humor.

Loaded with the frustrations of an ill-at-ease population who suddenly let go against the backdrop of a pandemic,

The Sadness

is not intended to be lighthearted.

Its furious madness makes it an intense work as well as an extraordinary cinematic experience.

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