It is the end of an era, the end of the national editions of the television news of France 3. The management of France Télévisions announced Tuesday to its employees that these JTs will be replaced in September 2023 by 24 regional editions, a project contested by the National Union of Journalists.

This change will affect both the midday edition,


, and the evening edition,



Significant information transformation

These two new information boxes, which will be called

Ici midi


Ici soir

, will take the form of "24 complete television news, built, thought out by the regional editorial staff, specified Philippe Martinetti, director of the France 3 network. National content News will be produced by Franceinfo and the national editorial departments, and therefore made available to regional editorial staff.


“It is an important transformation of information, carried by the teams in the regions and 24 regional faces: it is information seen from where we live with an extremely strong prism of proximity”, he said. added.

An impossible challenge?

To concretize this project, called "Tempo" internally, "an editorial redefinition of the editions" will begin in September between the regional teams of France 3 and that of the national editorial staff, is it indicated in an internal note sent Tuesday to employees .

For the National Union of Journalists of France Télévisions, the announcement of the forthcoming disappearance of the national editions of France 3 constitutes "the ultimate betrayal" of Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions.

“If sisters or brothers in the regions are undoubtedly delighted with this pseudo-regionalization, how to meet this impossible challenge?

But how are they going to afford an hour and a half of news a day without additional means?

“, protested the union in a press release.

"On the side of the regional network, there are no less resources," replies Philippe Martinetti.

“For the first time in 10 years, the 2022 budget of the regional network is not in the economy, the president of France Télévisions has stabilized it”


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