Stephen King may be a very voracious film buff, his patience has limits.

In any case, this is what the horror author revealed on Twitter, and he was not kind to director Michael Bay.

In response to a message from his colleague Linwood Barclay, who admitted to leaving a screening of

Jurassic World: Dominion

before the end of the film, the author of


swung on the only film he had not watched until the end (in a movie theater anyway).

“I came out of only one movie as an adult:



I would love to know what other movies people gave up on before they finished,” the horror star shared.

Stephen King clarified that it was the first film in the saga, the one where the character of Shia LaBeouf meets the robot vehicles for the first time, and therefore directed by Michael Bay.

Stranger Things Fan

Stephen King returned to television last year with the adaptation of his novel

Lisey's Story

, which aired on Apple TV+ and starred Julianne Moore.

The author confided that the story of the book (and of the series, therefore), was inspired by a near-death experience, which he recently faced.

“I was really on the verge of death.

When I got home from the hospital, my wife had cleaned my office and I was like, "I'm dead, I'm a ghost".

That's where the idea for

Lisey's Story

came from , ”he revealed in a presentation sequence for the series.

Stephen King had recently spoken on another series,

Stranger Things

, whose atmosphere he loved, and noted the reference to



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