Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin

  On the 2022 Asian Tourism Golden Songs List held recently, singer Lei Zishan won the Best Female Singer Award; her original song "Holding the Red Flag High on Jinggang" won the Top Ten Asian Tourism Golden Songs Award.

The song was composed by well-known musician Chen Po and lyrics by Chen Jieming. Jiangxi native Lei Zishan performed the song with deep feelings for his hometown.

  Lei Zishan graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and is a classmate of well-known singers such as Master Dongshan and Zhou Bichang.

But after graduation, she became a bank clerk by chance, and worked in the banking industry for more than ten years.

With a successful career and a worry-free life, she decided to pursue her music dream again.

A "golden voice", once favored by the judges of the Qingge Competition

  Lei Zishan was born in Jiangxi.

In her memory, her mother, a Chinese teacher, paid great attention to cultivating her artistic literacy since she was a child: "She taught me to learn painting, calligraphy, and accordion, which laid the foundation for my future artistic path. But my favorite It's singing, I grew up listening to Dong Wenhua and other singers, and I hope that one day I can stand in the center of the stage and sing."

  Before entering the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2002, Lei Zishan was already an experienced singer.

She once participated in the visit to the 30th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese friendship and diplomatic relations organized by the then Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. She also won the gold medal in the popular group and the silver medal in the ethnic group in the Jiangxi Division of the Qing Song Competition.

Recalling these two high-light moments, Lei Zishan still has a fresh memory: "When I participated in the Youth Song Competition, the judges gave me a high evaluation. Zhang Li, the lyricist of "Asian Heroes", described me as a dark horse. The visit to Japan was even more of a 'surprise': at the end of 2001, I sang "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" at a party in Jiangxi Province, and this program happened to be seen by the people present, so I was selected to follow the delegation in 2002 to perform in Japan."

  The two successes gave Lei Zishan the courage to break out.

Shortly after returning from Japan, Lei Zishan, who had been working for many years, decided to leave Jiangxi to study in Guangzhou.

She described herself as a stubborn person, "The less optimistic others are, the more I have to work hard to prove myself."

She recalled: "After returning to China in April, I immediately came to Guangzhou to take the exam for art majors and won the first place in the country. After that, I made up for the cultural class. At that time, I posted the four big characters 'Fight against the Water' at home. After get off work every day I just went home and read, and stayed up all night. Sometimes I had to go to the countryside with a troupe to perform, and I sat on the bumpy bus and continued to read. I fell seriously ill after taking the cultural class, but I finally passed the test. I think it's all worth it."

Xinghai went to school, but became a bank clerk after graduation

  At the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Lei Zishan first continued to learn ethnic singing, and in her third year, she followed the well-known vocal music educator Luo Hong to learn popular singing. She became classmates with Master Dongshan and Zhou Bichang, and she gradually discovered her greater potential: "Every time I compete, Mr. Luo helps me set the song. He thinks that I can handle the emotion of the song more delicately, and the vocal range is relatively broad, so I have an advantage in popular singing."

  But after graduation, Lei Zishan failed to become a professional singer.

She said frankly: "I didn't have the right opportunity to sing, but people still have to live. It happened that a bank was recruiting people at that time, and I became an ordinary employee." After graduation, Lei Zishan will work in a Starting from scratch in an unfamiliar industry: "I told myself at the time that I should abandon my previous glory and believe that I can make achievements in the new industry." She said with a smile that her friends thought she would quit after a month of work. , I didn't expect that she had been working in this industry for more than ten years. "The days when I first entered the bank were not easy, and there was a gap between myself and others. Once the leader asked me to check the report, I couldn't do it for two hours, and finally I could only Let other colleagues help. But I am willing to learn by doing, and gradually become familiar with the business. More importantly, I have found my area of ​​expertise here: my communication skills are good, and the company makes me mainly responsible for external liaison and communication."

  After more than ten years of hard work, Lei Zishan has made some achievements in the banking industry.

But her love for music has never changed: "Although I have changed careers for many years, I still think that it is a very happy thing to express some emotions with my own voice."

Be a singer again, Chen Jieming and Chen Po write songs for her

  Talking about the original song "Holding the Red Flag High in Jinggang", Lei Zishan said: "This song fulfilled my original dream." In 2003, Lei Zishan participated in the "Yangcheng Rookie" singing competition, and finally won 0.01 After losing points, I won the runner-up. "The champion sang an original work and got 3 extra points; but at that time, I didn't have an original song, so I could only choose to sing it."

One of the judges of the competition was Chen Jieming, a well-known musician. He commented on Lei Zishan at the time: "She lacks an original song."

  Lei Zishan said, "I didn't know Mr. Chen Jieming during the competition. But I have always kept his comments in my heart." Years later, Lei Zishan, who has turned into a banker, met with Chen Jieming at a party at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. When they met again, the two hit it off this time and became friends.

Chen Jieming's daughter, Chen Po and Lei Zishan, a well-known musician who has produced songs for singers such as Eason Chan and Wu Yufei, are of the same generation, and they even became best friends.

With the encouragement of Chen Jieming and Chen Po, Lei Zishan regained her identity as a singer, walked into the recording studio, and recorded the original song "Holding the Red Flag High in Jinggang".

  This song was tailor-made for Lei Zishan by Chen Jieming and Chen Po. Lei Zishan liked this song very much: "Chen Po understands me very well, I couldn't help crying after hearing the melody of this song. Mr. Ming knew that I was from Jiangxi, so he specially wrote this song about the spirit of Jinggangshan for me. When I sang it, I felt the same way. In this song, I felt the warmth of my hometown."